Three ideas to transform child care

Apr 20, 2018

Ontario's child care community, parents and educators are united about three critical priorities to build a better early years and child care system: affordable child care fees for families; decent work for educators; and expanding public and non-profit child care.

The Ontario government has promised that their commitment of 100,000 new child care spaces will usher in a "transformative", "groundbreaking" and "visionary" new approach to early learning and child care. We need to hold them to this promise. Our community cannot settle for the status quo. Adding spaces alone, even 100,000 new spaces, does not in itself achieve system change. It merely replicates our current patchwork on a larger scale. 

We need the Ontario government to ensure that our three ideas - affordable fees for all families, decent work for educators, and expansion only in non-profit child care - form the foundation of a new early years and child care system. With the province's renewed child care framework announced in 2017, there is an urgent need to ensure that our elected officials hear that our community has the solutions to transform child care in Ontario.

Raise your voice!

  • Use our letter template to tell your MPP that you support the OCBCC's call for an affordable fee scale, decent work for educators and limiting for-profit child care. Find your MPP's contact information.
  • Post our shareable images (below) on social media to let people know that you support the consensus on the three ideas to build a better future for child care. You can tweet at the Minister responsible for early years at @MPPIndiraNH.

























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commented 2018-08-20 13:11:53 -0400 · Flag
All licensed childcare centres as I understand it, are mandated by the Ontario ministry of education and must follow the same rules and regulations. Therefore, for profit, non-profit and public care should be consistent in quality of care. The fact that for profit centres don’t count on a handout from the government does not make them less qualified, safe, professional or more expensive. As a matter of fact, giving high quality service is important as funding is only from the responsible management of the for-profit centre’s coffers and not dictated by boards of directors and ministries that may or may not understand the day to day operations of a viable business and its sustainability. Anna Armstrong- Childcare Centre Director
commented 2017-03-08 16:26:09 -0500 · Flag
Curious to know where quality home child care fits into these recommendations?