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2014 Child Care Funding

The purpose of this page is to explain to you the latest in child care funding. Most municipalities or DSSAB's have received more money than they expected for 2014 child care funding.

Many municipalities are able to make real improvements to child care with additional fee subsidies, wage increases or other improvements. However, there is still a threat to cuts for child care funding in 2016.

 We are currently working with the Ministry to better understand the funding formula, announced at this time last year.We have to have more information in January.

Here is a child care funding chart showing 2013 funding, 2014 funding and the increase in funding for most municipalities.

2013-Child Care Funding
2014-Child Care Funding

stop-the-cuts.jpgThe funding formula, introduced in 2013, identified 18 communities who would be receiving more than their share of child care funding.

These 18 municipalities are at risk of child care funding cuts in 2016.

In the meantime, last year, they received a one-time payment to cover three years of mitigation funding to guarantee stable funding for the next three years. 

There should not be cuts to child care services.

We are aware several municipalities are moving ahead with cuts to child care and the OCBCC is very concerned.

If your service manager is making cuts to child care services, please let us know.

 Attention: Media on child care funding from 2014 Municipal BudgetsThe_Sault_Star.jpg

Mar 10, 2014- TB News Watch: Fighting for daycare
Mar 4, 2014-CBC News Thunder Bay: Thunder Bay council axes evening childcare program
Mar 4, 2014- Sootoday: City faces child care challenges
Mar 3, 2014-The Sault Star:Child care options to be reviewed in spring
Feb 28, 2014- The Sault Star: Subsidized child care spots face cuts
Jan 8, 2014-Toronto Star: Toronto gets daycare funding boost from Queen's Park
Dec 20, 2013-Waterloo The Record: Region gets $1.3million boost to child-care funding

 Our job is to make sure:

  • Every child care dollar stays in child care
  • No child care centre receives any less in operating grants
  • That parent fees do not go up any more and salaries do not go down
  • And finally that there is always full public consultation before any changes are made

Additional Resources:

Fact sheet on working with your CMSM / DSSAB (including Questions to ask your CMSM / DSSAB / City or Regional Council committee that oversees child care funding).

It will be difficult for the OCBCC to track all 47 of Ontario’s CMSM’s and DSSAB’s - So please keep in touch with any new developments – send an email to or call us anytime on our toll-free line at 1-800-594-7514.

take_the_parent_survey.jpg Parent Survey on child care options in Ontario

To support investments in child care programs, we need to build a movement of parents who will take action, speak out and organize in their communities. To do this, we are conducting a parent survey as an outreach tool.

Take copies of our flyer and encourage all supervisors to post it in their centre.

Encourage everyone to promote the survey and share it on social media:

For more information:

Ministry of Education Child Care Memos are available at:Ontario_Govt_Logo.png
Funding Formula Memos: 2012-ELCC 15
Memo to Municipal Service Managers (10 pages)
Both as attachments to ELCC 15:Child Care Funding Technical Paper (31 pages)
Ontario Child Care Service Management Funding Guideline (84 pages)

 OCBCC appeals to 18 MPP's to stand up for child care in local communities

Join us in advocacy for universal, affordable, high-quality early learning and child care.

Click here for membership information with the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care


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The new Kindergarten document “Growing Success” looks like the government is getting it right, licencing, group sizes, ages and changes to the Act certainly do not!