Growing Trend in Canada: For-Profit Child Care

Feb 06, 2013

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit developed and published a document stating that there is a current trend in Canada concerning  the growing development of for-profit child care.

From 2004- 2010, the percentage of for-profit child care centres in Canada increased from 20% to 28%, a larger increase than non-profit centre growth. From 2008-2010, for-profit centres were responsible for 2/3 of growth in six provinces and territories.

These statistics are of concern, as research has shown that the care found in for- profit child care does not meet the quality care found in non-profit child care.

Childcare Resource and Research Unit document

Toronto Star, February 5, 2013:For-profit daycare growing in Canada, report shows

CTV News- Video, February 6, 2013: Rise in for-profit child care is a cause for concern: expert

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