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Aug 27, 2015

Check out some ideas for celebrating Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day.

CCWADphoto.jpgThis year marks the 15th annual Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, which will be held on Thursday October 8th 2015.  On this day we recognize the hard work, meaningful care and continuous learning these educators provide children every day. This year’s theme is THE KEY TO QUALITY in recognition of the essential role that educators play in quality programs.

 Ideas to celebrate the day!


• Place an ad in the local newspaper announcing Child Care Worker and ECE Appreciation Day.

•Take nominations from local child care centres for outstanding staff to be recognized by the Mayor through a letter, announcement or event.

• Encourage local councillors to tour child care centres to find out more about this important work. Event could also generate media coverage.

• Organize a community-wide celebration to recognize individual staff or centres and programs.

School Boards

• Insert the day on the monthly calendar of October.

• Arrange to have the day announced on the PA the morning on Thursday October 8th.

• Encourage classes of grade 7 and 8 students to visit the child care centre. Students may ask the educators about their role as an ECE.

• Insert the day on the monthly calendar of October.

• Set up a wall of fame where parents have the opportunity to say thank you to each staff.

Child care centres

• Host a pizza lunch for the staff. Give each staff member a certificate of appreciation.

• Have every staff in the centre vote on one child care champion of the year.

• Set up a board near the entrance of the centre where parents may write thank you notes.

• Have a sign on the door of the centre saying, “Today is the 15th annual Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day”.

Show ECEs your appreciation on social media

  • Share photos of how you’re celebrating Child Care Worker and ECE Appreciation Day.
  • Use the hashtags #CCWAD or #ECEappreciation
  • Share an event prior to the date to raise awareness and get more people involved.
  • Write a kind message about a child care provider you know.
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The City of Greater Sudbury is celebrating CCWAD 2015 with our communities version of “Portraits of Child Care”. Together with community partners, agencies and funders, we have an evening celebration planned to view images of our “awesome” early learning and child care professionals in action, a light lunch, door prizes and networking. Special thanks to our photographer, Terry Deforge, RECE for giving of his time and talents to capture memorable moments in each image. Individual agencies will also be recognizing their teams throughout the day. Parents, partners, ECE’s and Child Care Workers have been invited to share their thoughts for our “Your Awesome is Showing” wall space, by writing a note, drawing an image or just sharing a thank you in their special way.