Wage hike for Ontario child care workers still far off

May 08, 2015

It will be months before child care workers at licensed centers and home daycares in Ontario see a dime of retroactive pay hikes, the Liberal government confirms.

Richard J. Brennan and Laurie Monsebraaten, The Toronto Star 

 kathleen-wynne-2.jpg.size.xxlarge.promo_(1).jpgWhile many childcare workers make as little as $13 per hour, it will be several months before child care workers working at provincially licensed centres and home daycares see a change in wage. The budget has set aside $269 million with a $1 wage hike and is expected to occur in early spring this year.

CUPE, which represents more than 5,000 child care workers, is concerned these new provincial dollars will disappear after three years, leaving the municipalities and the child care centers to bear the cost of increases in the future.

“Setting up a new parallel system to hand out $1 an hour is not efficient,” said Toronto Councillor Janet Davis

“A standardized wage rate in the child care sector will ensure staff with equivalent education and work responsibilities are paid a similar rate of pay no matter where they work,” said Shani Halfon of the association.

Advocates have been calling on the province to set a long-term vision for child care and develop a policy framework with goals, timetables and stable funding.


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