2011 Ontario Budget and Election: Ontario Can’t Work Without Child Care

It is essential for funding to begin in the 2011 budget. Without it we will see child care fees rise anywhere from 15 to 30%.

Ontario Can’t Work Without Child Care

2011 is an important year for child care with a provincial budget expected in March and a provincial election scheduled for October 6. In advance of the Provincial Election and through to the election, we will be holding community meetings across the Province, attending supervisor meetings, encouraging parents and staff to sign a postcard and distributing a kit with fast and easy advocacy ideas.

We are getting together to say: “My Community Needs Child Care – We Can’t Afford to Lose It


Materials Available! Click Here to download an order form and fax it in!

Fact Sheet: Ontario's Early Learning Program: Impacts on Child Care

Fact Sheet: Child Care Overview and Information for Parents

What can I do if I only have... - Suggestions for small actions you can take, even if you just have a few moments!

For a postcard you can print out and customize or oder from us, please click here.

Print your own stickers! Square sticker template (Avery Standard #3113) Larger, rectangle sticker template (Avery Standard #3612)

Pour les autocollants en français: Carrés (Avery Standard #3113) Rectangles (Avery Standard #3612)

Don't know who your representative is? Don't worry! Click here to find your riding, and then follow the links to find out more about your MPP including contact information!


Matières en français!

Fiche d'information: Le Programme d’apprentissage à temps plein de la maternelle et du jardin d’enfants: les impacts sur les services de garde

Fiche d'information pour parents: Nos collectivités ont besoin des services de garde : Nous ne pouvons nous permettre de les perdre

Pour les parents et membres du personnel: "Que puis-je faire si je n’ai que…?"

We will be using results from the Financial Impact Survey to show that we need stabilization funding in our sector. If your centre has not yet done the survey, please click here.
We need your voices and stories as evidence of the need for investments in our programs.

If you are looking for information and planning resources on impacts of full-day learning, see our Early learning Program Impacts Kit and check out our resource website at www.childcaremanagement.ca


Our Outreach Events:

  • Jan 10: SPRING supervisors meeting in Peel
  • Jan 14: Supervisors meeting in Guelph
  • Jan 25: Community forum Belleville
  • Jan 26: Community forum Peterborough
  • Feb 9: Community forum Thunder Bay
  • Feb 16:  Community forum Orillia
  • Feb 17: Supervisors meeting in Kingston
  • Feb 28: Community forum Windsor
  • March 2: Francophone supervisors meeting in Toronto
  • March 2: Downtown supervisors meeting in Toronto
  • March 9: Community forum Hamilton
  • March 29: Community forum Kitchener - Waterloo
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