2014 Municipal and School Board Elections

I depend on child care - we all do!

I Depend on Child Care is a non –partisan public education campaign to the motivate early childhood educators, parents and allies to reach out to candidates running in the October 27, 2014 Municipal and School Board elections.

For city and regional councillors - the role has changed.

In 2012, the province announced a new funding formula giving elected municipal and regional councillors the final say in how child care funding is spent in local communities.

Elected councillors must build their knowledge of child care funding as well as develop relationships with child care providers so they can provide oversight on how child care funding is spent.

For school board trustees set the vision for the school and early learning and child care needs to be an integral part of the vision. 

50% of our child care programs are schools.

In addition, child care programs are community partners in delivering before and after school programs.

 Early learning and child care programs are greatly affected by school policies including rent and shared use of space.  Working with trustees can help build positive relationships so our programs can succeed.  

You can make the difference in your neighbourhood.

The leaders are YOU! Early childhood educators, program staff and parents are the experts.

We benefit from positive relationships with decision-makers who will be elected as councillors and trustees. And for those candidates who did not win? Often they are community leaders who can make a difference supporting child care.