Child Care in Toronto: 3049 Child Care Spaces at Risk and Occupancy Grant Update

Along with our partners at the Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care and the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, we are campaigning against the cuts to Toronto child care.

Hands down, child care in Toronto is at risk. The Ford government has backed out of a government promise to fund the creation of 51 new child care centres inside of Toronto schools. These cuts account for 3049 new spaces for children who desperately need child care. 225 of these spaces are in Doug Ford's own riding. Given that there are only enough licensed child care spaces for about 20% of all children in Toronto, this loss of expansion has huge ramifications. Let your MPP know that you do not want to see these spaces, or spaces in other municipalities, cut here.

There has, however, been a silver lining: the Occupancy Grant for school-based child care centres in Toronto was at risk, but thanks to our campaigning and the campaigning of Councillor Mike Layton and Councillor Joe Cressy, the occupancy grants will be a priority in the 2020 municipal budget, thus helping keep already high parent fees from rising due to rent increases. 

Listen to our Government Relations Coordinator, Carolyn Ferns, discuss why parents need to continue to stand up for child care here.

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