5 Reasons I'm Not Celebrating My Universal Child Care Benefit Deposit

Huffington Post


Like most people, Munn Venn sees the  Universal Child Care Benefit deposit as frustrating and finds the policy to be poor. 

She lists that the UCCB is an income support not the same as child care, it does not support child care choices and does not offset families who do not earn an income due to staying home to provide care. 

Currently there are only enough regulated childcare spaces in Canada for 20 per cent of young children -- though 70 per cent of the mothers of these children work

The UCCB is taxable dollars that really do not end up being the up to $2000 promised by the government and takes away resources from low income families to upper class families.

Quality, universal childcare is good for kids and it's good for families. It is also good for the economy and the tax base as gainfully employed parents spend their pay cheques and pay taxes. And, access to affordable childcare helps reduce poverty and inequality, meaning that it's good for society.

And finally, this change, at this time, feels like a blatant attempt to buy my vote

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