“Daycare Centres Break Rules”: Toronto Star


The Toronto Star's ground-breaking investigative series continued with a piece on Saturday Sept 1.


The articles focus on quality of child care, which has long been overlooked because child care spaces are in such short supply.

In addition, it certainly calls attention to the growing numbers of commercial for-profit child care centres. Research has shown that for-profit child care is less likely to be high quality child care. Most of the daycares in the article with infractions are for-profit child care centres.

Alirio Rengifo, director of Discovering Minds, is quoted as saying "The (inspectors) come here and because a child was running around, they say the child wasn't supervised. They pick on for-profit daycares. Ninety-nine per cent is not true."

For Ontario's kids, it's time we had a funded and inspected child care system. It's a problem if any child care centre is not meeting minimum standards.

But there is not a lot of money in child care. If you are making a profit, it seems likely you are cutting some corners.

That's why Ontario should stop public money from going to for-profit child care operators.


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