"The province forecasts 9,500 child-care workers will be hired across Ontario over the next five years. "


The Standard: New career path for early childhood educators

"Niagara's public school board alone projects it will need about 75 early childhood educators to service the 11 schools running the full-day learning program this September."

"But the school board hiring wave may not equal a major uptick in demand for early childcare workers in Niagara, said David Veres, Niagara College's dean of community service programs. Many experienced ECE workers already in the field may migrate over from public and private day cares to schools, Veres said."

"New graduates might be able to land full-time child-care positions left behind by experienced workers who moved to school boards, Soave said."

"I think it will open people's eyes to the importance of our job because now all of a sudden if we're within the school system, which is a lot more recognized than the day-care system, then people will see what we're capable of and what we can do," early childhood education student, Jennifer Hessels said.

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