Saskatoon daycare offers family spot after 3 year wait

CBC News Saskatoon 



A child care centre in Saskatchewan offers a family a spot after three years of waiting. Recent studies have shown that from 2012, only 7.6 % of children 0-12 yrs would receive a licensed child care spot in Saskatchewan. Raising concerns that many of the provinces children are cared for in unlicensed homes.

Licensed child care is regularly inspected by the province but unlicensed child care is only examined if a complaint is made against them. Dons Gutzer, from the Saskatchewan Association of Child Care Homes states that the home child care system has been abused. "I know there was a lady in our area that had 27 children in her home," she said. "So, naturally, those children would not have been looked after properly. There wouldn't have been proper snacks, proper meals, and the diapering wasn't there as well." Gutzer states he would like to see more attention paid to regulating unlicensed homes. 

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