Advocacy for Everyone

If you could make one phone call to stop the child care funding cuts, would you?

Eighteen regions across the province are facing cuts to their already stretched child care funding, with serious implications for their communities. (Click here for more information about the funding cuts)

This year's provincial and municipal elections are a chance to stop those cuts by bringing the issue directly to the candidates, informing them that we all depend on child care. We believe we can turn these cuts around, but we need all hands on deck to do so.

The most important thing you can do is get yourself, your friends, neighbours and colleagues out to all-candidate meetings, on twitter and on facebook to ask your local candidates one question:

"Will your party stop the cuts to child care in 2016?"

Together we can make a difference

If you have less than five minutes:

Download our poster Get Ontario Working: Support Child Care for your child care centre, school, or workplace.

Change your Facebook profile picture to the campaign logo.

Update your Facebook status about why you are voting for child care.

Tweet about it: "I'm voting for child care - are you?"

Find out who your local candidates are, and visit their websites.

With ten minutes to spare: 

Call your local candidate's campaign office and request a phone call from your candidate. Ask them about affordable child care.

Bring up the issues with co-workers over lunch. Child care affects us all.

Send an invitation to your local candidates to visit your centre to discuss the needs of your community.

If you can offer more than 30 minutes:

Host or attend an all-candidates debate and ask a question about child care.

Volunteer for your local candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to child care

Write a letter to the editor, a small piece for your local newspaper, or an update about the election in your community newsletter.