An Orillia Central Preschool avoided closure thanks to the community!

Simcoe County News

Orillia Central Preschool was under threat of closure because the Orillia City Council had decided they wanted their leased space for something else and gave them notice for June 30th.

The Canadian Federation of University Women/Orillia, under [Wendy Taylor's] direction wrote a compelling letter to the Mayor and Council.

[She] then was interviewed by our local paper and had front page coverage.  A few people wrote in editorials and phoned the council as a result of the article.

On Monday the Orillia Central Preschool was given an extended 3 year lease with a reasonable rent increase.

To read the full story about Orillia's close encounter follow the link below:

Rallying For Child Care

Collaborating together with various other organizations the community came together and campaigned! As an example of the campaigns presented this letter was written by Janice Napp, of the Canadian Federation of Univeristy Women Orillia, towards this issue.

 Letter to Mayor Orsi