Benefits of Membership

New Employee Benefits Plan for our Member Centres!

If your child care centre is interested in being part of our benefits plan, please call Community Services Benefits Trust’s new business division at 1-855-895-7155 and mention that you are an OCBCC member. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

About the Benefit Plan Premium Savings for OCBCC Members:

Based on feedback from our membership, the OCBCC went through an extensive review of our benefits program in 2015. We wanted to ensure that OCBCC members are getting the very best value for their dollar. After careful consideration, it was unanimously decided that a change was in order. We are very pleased and excited that the OCBCC has partnered with the Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT) to provide an improved benefits plan offering to OCCBC members.

This change in direction, effective February 1st, 2016, was made for numerous reasons that will add value to the plan, and enhance client experience including:

• Better Coverage – the new plan will offer many coverage enhancements including: an industry-leading Employee Assistance Program, Second Opinion Medical Services, Critical Disease coverage, Serious Illness coverage, and Disability Management services.

• Program Flexibility – The CSBT can offer many different coverage options for agencies to choose from. (We are no longer limited to just two plan design options).

• Premium Savings – even in light of better (and more flexible) coverage being offered, premiums can often be reduced through the new program.

• Great Service – quicker resolution of issues and ability to reach all OCBCC centres regardless of location.

• Rate Stability – The CSBT plan pools the participating organizations; claims are spread amongst the programs 22,000+ plan members resulting in greater cost stability.

• Better Online Resources – whether it be the industry-leading WEBS™ Online Administration or the smart phone apps for your staff, the CSBT plan provides you with several online enhancements. Note: The OCBCC benefits program is available to OCBCC members with more than 3 full time employees.

About CSBT:

The CSBT is a non-profit trust that was formed in January 2002 by a group of eight Executive Directors of community service organizations. They were frustrated with the benefits plans that they had purchased through traditional channels and decided that there must be a better way to provide benefits to their staff. Working together, these organizations created the Trust in order to provide an alternative to the status quo; a more cost-effective plan that would be customizable and locally accessible to social service organizations across the country.

The CSBT program is structured differently than the industry standard. A pooled philosophy, substantial buying power through strength in numbers and best-in-industry technology all contribute to provide what we believe to be the best value in the insurance marketplace today.


Discounts on new publications

As a member of the OCBCC you will be offered the member price on publications. These publications are great tools to assist you in furthering your knowledge on the early childhood sector and are great resources to help you advocate for child care in your community!

Raising our voices together

When you join the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, you are supporting and advocating for high quality, accessible, universal, non-profit child care. Imagine if every child care centre in Ontario became a member of the OCBCC! Our collective advocacy voice would only become stronger.

We need your help and support to bring child care at the forefront and to advocate not only for child care, but for the child care workers and early childhood educators who keep our child care community going.





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