Build a better future letter template

  1. Find your MPP's contact information. Be sure to cc Minister Lisa Thompson. 
  2. Use the template below to write, email or call your MPP and tell them that it's time to transform child care in Ontario.

Dear MPP ________________:


I am contacting you because it is time for the transformation of child care in Ontario.

  1. Parent fees are the highest in the country.
  2. Educators struggle with inadequate wages and precarious work.
  3. There are not enough quality, public and non-profit programs for families that need them.

The Ontario government has promised to expand early learning and child care but we need to work together to ensure that this is done right.

Ontario should move from a child care patchwork to a real system. Specifically, we need government action on three transformative ideas:

  1. Affordable fees for parents. We should replace individual fee subsidies with a more modern approach. Ontario should base fund child care programs and set an affordable, geared to income, sliding fee scale.
  2. Decent work for educators. To recruit and retain qualified staff we need Ontario to make fair wages and good working conditions a priority. Funding programs based on fair wages for educators will help us build good, stable programs for our children.
  3. Limit for-profit child care. We need every child care dollar going to our kids, not to profits. Ontario should ensure that none all new child care spaces be in non-profit programs.  

We need the Ontario government to make these ideas the foundation of a transformed child care system. And we need every political party to support these ideas.

As my elected representative, can I count on your support for these solutions to transform child care in Ontario? Please let me know that I can count on your support.



  • Valérie Chase
    commented 2018-02-04 14:12:53 -0500
    I’m sorry, For Profit or not, these centres have created childcare spaces and jobs. Before dissing for-profit business, perhaps do the numbers first as it isn’t a money making business. This is discrimination against the for-profit centres as the main intention is to provide childcare and create jobs. Perhaps the governement can buy all the centres (for-profit and non-profit) out and have everyone become government employees, at which point employees will be paid at a decent pay, have benefits and childcare fees can be sustained at a reasonable rate.