Why Our Economic Future Depends on a National Child-Care Program

Canadian Family

Canadian Family recently published an article on the need for a national child care program. This article is a must read as it describes the many challenges that most parents face when trying to locate quality childcare for their children.

The article outlines:

  • The social and economic gains that a national childcare program would create will benefit the short and long-term success of Canada.
  • The lack of licensed childcare spaces across Canada and how it has made it very difficult for many parents to return to work after maternity leave.
  • Waiting lists and application processes are often times not regulated. Many parents are left hanging and waiting for months and years at a time for a childcare space and or subsidies.

The article takes aim at the myth that the government has created about childcare “that childcare should be private rather than a public responsibility”

This article breaks down current spending on child care and early learning in all of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

To read the full article, please click here.