CBC News: Province will provide stop-gap funding for threatened daycare spaces


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The Ontario government is stepping in to head off a crisis in child care.

Earlier this year, municipalities said they were poised to cut anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 subsidized daycare spaces across the province — 6,000 in Toronto alone — because of an end to a federal funding program.


For Ruby Malobago, who has two children at the Red Apple Day Care Centre in Toronto's Flemingdon Park and a third on the waiting list, it's good news.

She was worried she would lose those subsidized spaces and "have no other choice but to go on assistance."

Without the daycare support, Malobago says she and many like her would be left with "three children, no daycare and no work probably. I need daycare to go to work."

The problem is a decision by Ottawa to cut millions in subsidies.

'It's a bridge, it's a stabilization'

The Coalition for Better Child Care says it's glad Matthews has recognized the urgency of the situation, but the problem isn't resolved.

The coalition says it will join the Ontario Association of Municipalities in pressing the federal government to continue the funding.