Changes to the Child Care Legislation and Regulation

What is the latest news? FYI - it is confusing to have proposals for changes to legislation and regulations at the same time - but they are very different processes. 

The difference between legislation and regulation? Legislation provides the framework, regulation actually deals with many of the day to day rules that govern the administration of early learning and child care programs.

On December 3rd 2013, the Ontario government introduced new child care legislation at Queen's Park, the Child Care Modernization Act.

Legislation is widely supported, including by the OCBCC – we have been fierce critics of the government on lax enforcement of unlicensed child care who break the rules by looking after too many children.

While the legislation does not go as far we would have hoped it will make a difference in the ability of the Government to crack down on illegal operators. 

The bill is in debate in the legislature, next steps are 2nd reading and public hearings. We are fighting to get the bill moving. It has not passed.





In December, the Government of Ontario proposed new legislation - the Child Care Modernization Act.

 The Act has passed 1st reading at Queen's Park. In order to become law, the Act must pass 2nd reading, have public hearings, pass 3rd reading and be proclaimed by the Governor General.

Update from Queen's Park:

 Bill 143-Child Care Modernization Act went into second reading debate on Thursday February 20th 2014 and continued debate on Tuesday March 4th 2014.

 Are you a political junkie? Interested in the debate? The legislature produces Hansard, a record of speeches in the House.

Click here for Hansard from Thurs, Feb 20th 2014.
Click here for Hansard from Tues, Mar 4th 2014.

 Watch here for more updates.

Child Care Modernization Act- Letter from Minister Liz Sandals-English
Child Care Modernization Act- Letter from Minister Liz Sandals-French

Legislative Assembly of Ontario: The Child Care Modernization Act

OCBCC Highlights of the Child Care Modernization Act

OCBCC Selected Highlights of the Child Care Modernization Act -
15 pages

 Click here for a consolidated list of media articles on the Child Care Modernization Act


 Information provided by the Ontario Government

 Ministry of Education:Backgrounder Child Care Modernization Act
December 3, 2013

 Ministry of Education:News Release Improving the Safety and Accessibility of Child Care
December 3, 2013

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Summary and full document of proposed changes provided by the Ontario government:

Click here for a letter from the Ministry of Education.

Summary- Changes to Regulation 262 under the DNA

The summary is the most helpful document. Page 5 has a chart with new age groups and ratios.  Page 7 shows the proposed new multi age groups. Page 12 shows the current age groups and ratios.

Full Document- Day Nurseries Act R.R.O. 1990, REGULATION 262

Responding to the Ministry

The Ministry of Education has proposed changes to child care regulations. Community partners had the opportunity to submit a response to the proposed changes Regulation 262 under the Day Nurseries Act by February 28th 2014.

Many organizations have responded to the proposed changes - if you are part of a group who submitted a response, please send it to us and we will post it here.




Andrew Fleck Child Care Services




Canadian Mothercraft Society






Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre





London Partners Promoting the Importance of Early Childhood Education






       Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care


Open Letter to the Ontario Education Minister




The Ottawa Child Care Association




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Toronto Star: Jan 24 2014: Ontario plan puts child care quality at risk, experts warn: