Child care options to be reviewed in spring

The Sault Star

City council will need to decide later this year if it still wants to run child child care operations. This decision will be based on a staff report and recommendations they will receive as a part of an analysis asked for in the wake of cuts to subsidized child care spaces.

Because of the new funding formula set out by the provincial government, child care programs are seeing a decrease in funding. On Monday, council was told that more than $800,000 in child care funding will be cut as of Jan 1, 2015.

The new funding formula is based on a number of variables, including the number of children within various catchment areas as well as other factors. With that being said, all large DSSABs in Northern Ontario will receive a funding decrease.

“CAO Joe Fratesi said its recommended that council ask senior staff to analyze the impact of the cuts and provide recommendation to council on what direction the city should take in the future with regards to day care.”

 “Council’s debate on the issue in the spring may include whether the city should even stay in the child-care business, absorb the loss or make up the shortfall by replacing the lost positions with full-paying day care children.”

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