Children and Parents Offer Snack to Toronto City Councillors and Demand Affordable Child Care

The Toronto Star

On September 22, dozens of parents and children visited city hall to ask councillors to reconsider the devastating cuts to children's services proposed in the Core Service Review. The marching band entered city hall only to find out that council had made a quick decision to go in camera (and thus not open to the public). Unfazed, the group moved to Mayor Ford's office and set up 'circle time'.

A few minutes later councillor Pam McConnel came down to inform us that after a very close vote, City Council had decided to let the children of Toronto speak. Click here for video.

The scene in council was a jovial one, and kids called upon the councillors to pinky swear they wouldn't take away their child care.

“Are you swearing allegiance to child care?” Amina Vance, 10, asked Councillor Raymond Cho, who nodded and smiled as he nibbled on a biscuit. The Grade 5 student told reporters: “I just want everyone to take their cookies and I want everybody to support my child care."

Some councillors seemed unimpressed by the disruption and noise made by the children and left the room or remained seated. Noticing that Doug Ford had not left his seat, some moms called out "Red rover, red rover, we call Doug Ford over!". For video taken a few seconds after, click here.


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