City Councillor recommends Toronto get out of the business of delivering child care

The Toronto Star

On Wednesday July 4th, chair of the mayor’s task force on child care Giorgio Mammoliti recommended the city of Toronto get out of the business of child care.

Mammoliti stated in a Toronto Star article on Wednesday, “I think it’s safe to say that on Thursday I’ll be recommending that the city get out of the business of child care and look to the school boards to run these programs”.

Members of the mayor's task force are steering clear of Mammoliti's recommendations and have stated that a provincial takeover of child care is not a recommendation of the group. In total there are 8 members of the task of force including Peter Frampton, executive director of the Learning Enrichment Foundation, and Rachel Langford, director of the School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University.

"It's your lower- to middle-income parents…so you'll have a situation where only those that are very wealthy will be able to afford a space in a daycare centre," said Virginia Thomson. She is worried because her daughter Jessica, who is eight-months pregnant, needs child care as a graduate student at Ryerson University.

This comes about after child care The Globe and Mail carried an article highlighting the huge costs of child care and the impacts on families - Today's modern parent: Daycare poor, with little to save


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