College agrees to help parents save their daycare

Toronto Star

George Brown College will accept private donations, after all, to help save its highly regarded non-profit daycare at Scotia Plaza.

Earlier in January, the college said it could not provide tax receipts for a $2.5-million parent-organized fundraiser aimed at keeping the centre open after its one-year rent-free lease extension expires in June.

But on Friday, the college added a feature to its donor webpage allowing “friends” of the college’s early childhood education lab school daycares and the Scotia Plaza centre to make donations and receive tax receipts.


Child-care expert Martha Friendly blames Queen’s Park and its lack of a provincial child care policy for the mess.

“The idea of activist middle-class parents who have skills and resources coming together to save their child care is admirable,” she said. “But what about the daycares with kids whose parents don’t have those resources? It comes down to luck, which is crazy, if you think about it.”