Conservatives claim millions helped by Universal Child Care Benefit


Introduced three years ago, the UCCB pays $100 per month to the families of all children under 6. Over the past three years, the Federal Government has spent $7.5 billion dollars on the program. The only trouble is that it really shouldn't be called a "child care" program.

Parents don't have to spend the money on child care and it's not enough to pay for child care. In most of Canada, it would pay for two days of care.  To read the Government's press release, please click here.

 In the Liberal Party press release, Human Resources and Skills Development Critic Mike Savage said:

“In three years, this Conservative government has done absolutely nothing to address the real problem facing Canadian families – a nationwide shortage of affordable child care spaces,” said Mr. Savage.

“The Conservatives are using today, the third anniversary of this benefit, as a forum to try and mislead Canadians about the state of child care in Canada. But parents know better – they’ve living this crisis every day. They are only too aware of the Conservatives’ broken 2006 election promise of 250,000 new child care spaces.” To read the full release, please click here.