Day care game-changer

The Belleville Intelligencer

With the announcement of the proposed Child Care Modernization Act, many individuals are hopefully of the changes in can make for licensed child care. Kelly Mathieson, executive director of Family Space Quinte Inc., which provides a home child care program licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, says “it would really change a lot about licensed child care as we know it”.

The proposed changes would include providing the government with more authority, increase access to spaces in licensed home child care, clarify programs that do not require a license and a focus on quality.

 Mathieson said “for us, it would make it more advantageous for parents to be part of the licensed sector. It's also more advantageous for caregivers to be part of the licensed sector.”

“Currently, people who provide care in their homes – informal care providers – can care for more children of different ages than those caregivers in the licensed sector.”

“This is really exciting for us who have lived with the Day Nurseries Act and its limitations since 1946. We are so excited to see changes. They're really looking at quality and developmentally responsive childcare,” Mathieson said.”

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