Day of Action Resources

DOA_Jun_20th.pngWe want to make it as easy as we can to help you with your actions so we have created a variety of resources for your use. We hope this list of resources gives you the tools you need to plan and participate in the Day of Action on Tuesday June 20th in your local area. Please share with those in your community that are planning actions. The links to resources are in purple, just click and share.  

Key Messages

Media Advisory Template -COMING SOON

Sample timeline/ checklist with links to our resources

Sample letter to operators EN - You can invite other child care operators to do a joint event or plan their own with this letter. 

Sample letter to staff EN  - Here is a sample letter to get your staff involved. 

exemple de lettre au personnel FRA COMING SOON

Sample letter to Board members EN  - You can use this letter to invite Board members to participate. 

exemple de lettre pour le CA FRA COMING SOON

Sample letter to families EN   - Here is a sample letter to ask your families to join your day of action. 

exemple de lettre aux familles  FRA COMING SOON

Poster for Engaging our Communities Session - This session will be on June 6th at 7PM, AECEO/OCBCC/TCBCC members can register in advance hereCOMING SOON

Flyer Template for Local Actions - No time to design a poster? Customize this template with your event details and your own photo(s). COMING SOON

Infographic for Local Actions - Please share this infographic to encourage others to participate alongside you and your community. COMING SOON

Colouring pages, Family sign, and Window sign template-  Please print and ask staff and families to decorate and display them in windows, workplaces, cars, or on social media. Ask them to share pictures of the artwork with you (and tag us so we can share too!)

Sample call your representative script COMING SOON - Not sure what to say when calling your representative? This script will get you started. You can find your representative with this handy QR code.

Here are some conversation starters. Please post these in visible areas. We will also be hosting an event for AECEO/OCBCC/TCBCC community members to empower you to use the skills and knowledge you already have to connect with your community and help affect change. This session will be on June 6th at 7PM. Here is the event poster. COMING SOON

Poster - Programs need full & sufficient funding to meet true per diem costs, now.- We know that parents might not know about per diem, but what better way to start the conversation?

Poster - After an average of 3 years, ECEs are forced to quit due to lack of decent work.- This is a great way to start a conversation about the importance of stability and consistency to build high quality care and learning environments for children.

Poster - Half of ECEs in Ontario make less than $20/hour. - We recognize some make less and some make more. What a great opportunity to begin the conversation of why that is and how we can change it.

Poster - 2 out of 3 ECEs work more than one job to make ends meet.- Our communities might not know that many child care workers and ECEs need more than one job to live. How can we expect them to provide high quality care and learning experiences if they are experiencing food insecurity or housing issues? Let's get the word out!

Sample agenda for your day of action- Here are a few sample agendas for how your day of action could look. COMING SOON

Worth More Flyer - EN

Worth More Webpage Link