Daycare in Toronto: 'Parent summit' participants tell of vastly different experiences

The Toronto Star

Based on each parent’s experience, it may seem like they were living in different worlds, rather than the same city. One parent was worried because she could not find before and after school care for her 4 year old and two parents have been looking for child care for their 2 year olds and are on the waiting list. On the opposite spectrum, two parents who recently immigrated to Canada found subsidized child care near their homes.

With the varying experiences in child care, Councillor Shelley Carroll states “these stories show how ineffective our patchwork daycare system is”.“Child care is an issue that affects us all in different ways,” she said. “That’s why we need these meetings and why we need to get people talking across generations, too.”

Carroll also states the parents, grandparents and even adults who do not have children are all affected by the high cost of child care. A better system will not only be better for families but for the economy.

Currently, there is enough space for 21% of city children under 12 and a waiting list for subsidized spots with about 18,500 people on it.

“The city is preparing a five-year plan for administering Canada’s second-largest daycare system and has asked parents to come to meetings — dubbed “parent summits” — to share their experience and help the city shape its priorities.”

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