Early childhood educators want best for families

Alberni Valley Times

Early childhood care workers are optimistic with the support that has been shown towards the $10/day Child Care Plan. Those in the field believe the initiative for more affordable child care would benefit not only families, but the quality of care their children receive. According to Ashley Salmon, program manager at Stepping Stones Alberni states, "A big reason affordable is important is because it will make quality childcare universal and sustainable to families, many working families just cannot afford child care Everyone should have access to quality early care and learning". This is because, with this sort of program parents can choose what works for their families, and at the same time be supported by the government.

Salmon further discusses "Today's ECE's don't make a living wage so this would increase pay, thus, it will also allow for more training opportunities for workers to continue their education." If implemented, owners of all not-for-profit, private and family child care facilities will be able to choose whether or not they want the new system to be a part of their centre”.


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