Election Campaign Toolkit

Our current child care system in Ontario leaves too many families without child care; and several countries have proven that universal child care is possible. In order to be successful we have 3 Big Ideas for creating a universal child care system that works for all.

1. Make child care affordable by providing public funding the way it is for libraries and recreational programs. Set low fees or no fees so that all families can access child care.

2. Create a provincial wage scale that respects the skills and education of qualified educators. Qualified educators will ensure that our children are getting the highest quality care.  

3. Make sure that child care expansion is in public and not for profit programs that offer high quality, trustworthy and stable child care. Every dollar of public funds must directly support our children.

Please get involved in our Universal Child Care IS Possible campaign! We need a government that will make universal, affordable, high-quality, accessible child care a reality for the families in Ontario. Ontario is ready for it. In fact, Ontario can't work without it.

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We can all be part of the transformation of the child care system if we use our voices and take action now. Please help us make affordable, high-quality care a reality for families and decent work with professional pay a reality for Early Childhood Educators and child care workers. Most importantly this election season is to be an informed voter.   

We can use social media to get our message out too! Please follow us on FaceBook and Twitter and use our frame on FaceBook for your profile picture. 

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Here are some great hashtags - #universalchildcareISpossible; #votechildcare; #ChildCareNow; #ECEPower; #ONPoli; #decentwork













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