ETFO President writes to Premier Urging for More Stabilization Funding for Child Care Sector

Elementary Teachers Foundation of Ontario

On June 9th, Sam Hammond, President of the Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario wrote a letter to the premier urging him to increase stabilization funding to facilitate the child care sector's transition to provide services that no longer include 4- and 5 -year-olds .

Hammond stated that he supported the implementation of the full-day Early Learning Program and Dr. Pascal's full vision of a seamless program for children aged 0 to 12, but emphasized that the implementation of the program presents significant structural and system-wide changes for schools and community agencies and that there is considerable anziety among providers of programs for children aged 0 to 3.8 and school aged children (6-12).

Hammond also recognized that the replacement of  the $63.5 million in expired federal child care funding was essential to avoid a severe and immediate crisis in the child care sector, but that mroe needs to be done to stabilize the sector and help it transition to provide services that no longer include 4- and  5-year-olds.

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