Five Numbers to Remember About Early Child Development

The Center on the Development of the Child at Harvard University released a neat interactive fact sheet about early child hood development.

Most relevant to the early care and learning sector? $4-9 - the returns for every dollar invested in early childhood programs.



"Providing young children with a healthy environment in which to learn and grow is not only good for their development—economists have also shown that high-quality early childhood programs bring impressive returns on investment to the public. Three of the of the most rigorous long-term studies found a range of returns between $4 and $9 for every dollar invested in early learning programs for low-income children. Program participants followed into adulthood benefited from increased earnings while the public saw returns in the form of reduced special education, welfare, and crime costs, and increased tax revenues from program participants later in life."

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    Participants in the program followed in adulthood benefited from the increase in profit while the public saw returns in the form of special reduced education, welfare, and costs of crime, and a Increase in tax revenues for program participants later in life

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    There are many projects working on child development in the world.This is helping the people to learn more details about the quality of the child development.The way of thinking about the early child development across the world.
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