'Total gong show’: Parents reveal flaws of child-care subsidy system

Global News

A single dad in Nanaimo, B.C. was shocked by what he was told this summer when he tried to get a daycare subsidy for his four-year-old daughter, Avaline.

“I had one lady tell me they’ll give me more money if I quit my job,” said 24-year-old Scott Collins. “It’s insane.”

Collins works retail at Best Buy full time and has no desire to go on welfare.

Yet that seemed to be the suggestion when he finally got through to someone in the subsidy department, after two weeks of constant calls.

He was approved for only five days of child care every two months.

“I make, I think, $1,300 a month and have to pay $1,400 in child care.”

That’s still less than what some parents have to pay in other provinces. But it’s way more than what he can afford.


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