New Funding Formula for Child Care

The Hamilton Spectator 

In December, the province announced a new funding formula for child care.  While a positive step forward, the new formula will not mean more child care spaces. New funding will be used to stabilize existing child care programs while the funding formula will guide how child care funding is allocated by the Province in the future.

According to Jane Soldera of the City of Hamilton:

"Hamilton’s child-care system faces many pressures that are consistent across the province: a wait list for fee subsidies, wage subsidies, the need to increase per diems for child-care operators and increased support for children with special needs.

Targeting these pressure areas will help support quality across the whole child-care system, Soldera said.

As of December, 1,748 children were on the city’s child-care fee subsidy wait list, she said. An average of 3,600 children receive fee subsidies in Hamilton monthly, Soldera noted.

If we just had pressure in one area, it would be easy, but we don’t.”

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