High cost of child care keeps many Toronto families in poverty

The Toronto Star


 gabriela-lopez.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpgMany families from different backgrounds are being affected by the price of child care and the shortage of child care spaces. According to The Toronto Star, there are only 64,700 regulated licensed child care spaces in Toronto with a child population of almost 350, 000. Evidence that the unregulated child care sector in Toronto is in fact growing. The province continues to give the neediest of families in Toronto a helping hand with child care subsidies, but in reality there aren't nearly enough to go around. The shortage of child care spaces affects parents by limiting their economic opportunities and has them sometimes depending on unregulated child care for their children.  Evidence has confirmed that the lack of affordable accessible child care creates an economic burden not just for families but for society as a whole. One 2012 study found that years after Quebec’s universal child care program was introduced, 70,000 mothers had joined the workforce and the provinces GDP had boosted 1.7 percent. The provincial government announced last month that $120 million would be provided to create 4,000 child care spaces across Ontario. However, access to affordable child care is a major factor in ensuring families can participate in the social and economical aspect of our city. 


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