How to be the 'Neighbourhood Watch' for child care in your community - Advocacy works!

As a result of the new funding formula, CMSMs and DSSABs will be looking to change the way they deliver child care funds.

The simplification of the funding formula also means more flexibility and the possibility for more variation across the province.

As community members we need to become a ‘neighbourhood watch’ to keep an eye on changes and help to protect and enhance child care services in our communities.

It's important for us to build relationships with other child care advocates in our community to keep each other informed.

It's also essential to build relationships with municipal children's services manager as well as local/regional councillors.

For a fact sheet on working with your CMSM & DSSAB, click here.

(For our funding formula fact sheet, click here.)

Know the numbers! Come prepared with the amount your municipality received and questions as to how it is being delivered.

Going to a Supervisor's meeting? 

Click here for a list of all the materials to take with you around the funding formula and actions moving forward.

Advocacy Makes a Difference: Our work together has won big results

The Ontario government cites a number of funding announcements to the child care sector over the past several years. The reality is that these announcements have been short-term fixes to prevent a collapse of our child care sector.

Every year parent fees rise, wages for hard-working staff are stagnant and high quality child care centres close. In the absence of a plan to create a universal, affordable system of early learning and care in Ontario or even the indexation of our funding to account for inflation, we have had to struggle just to stay afloat.

For a fact sheet about our gains in the past and plans moving forward, click here.