In defense of daycare - Dupuis' choice

Today's Parent

There are many research articles that show the benefit and the importance of early learning and how high quality child care helps in the development of young children’s brain. With all these articles and research how does a parent decide if child care shall be right for them? This article by Katie Dupuis,  shares her personal experience with daycare and the benefits that her family received.

Dupuis, a working mother for Today’s Parent, tells how she “would send her child to daycare even if she didn’t have to. Even if it wasn’t a financial necessity. Even if the Dupuis' had family members willing to watch their daughter 24 hours a day. Even if Dupuis were a gazillionaire and wanted for nothing.”

Read more about the benefits of Dupuis’ child care experience at In defense of daycare – Today’s Parent – February 7, 2013.