Lakritz: Child care money is just more Tory sexism

Calgary Herald


Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre announces the extra money for kids.

As the Harper government continues to live as if we are in 1959, it passes off its generosity to help families with its $160/months cheques for child care. 

Harper's government keeps women in the kitchen and the cheques do nothing for parents who need to work but can not afford licensed child care.

This is just another way the Harper government punishes women who work, and consequently punishes their children. These families need quality, affordable and available daycare. This is insidious sexism because women who can’t, won’t or don’t stay home with their children, are being discriminated against. It is 2015 everywhere but in Harperland, where sexist sentiment against working mothers runs rampant.

Meanwhile, who pays the ultimate price for the government’s sexism? The children. They end up in piecemeal, potentially unsafe, and quite possibly unlicensed child care arrangements where the quality of care is anyone’s guess. 


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