CBC News: Liberals seek to modernize Ontario's child-care laws


CBC News: Dec 3 2013

 The Ontario government introduced the Child Care Modernization Act on Tuesday, a legislation that would replace the existing Day Nurseries Act, which has not been reviewed since 1983. This legislation would also enforce power to the Ministry to better protect children who are cared for in unlicensed facilities.

Under the Child Care Modernization Act, the education ministry can impose fines of up to $100,000 to negligent child care providers and they can immediately shut down a provider if the child is at risk.

Andrea Calver, of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care stated that increasing fines is positive step; however there is still a key problem in the way the system works.

"The system is still complaints driven," she told CBC News in an interview on Tuesday.

"If you’re a neighbour, or if you pull your children from an unlicensed home child-care [facility] report it."

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