Long-term, comparative data on costs of raising kids lacking

The Globe and Mail

web-oliver-costs.jpgThere are five months left until the federal election, and child care will be a key issue. “Canada has no national childcare program, and approaches to childcare support vary by province. Manitoba had the second-lowest average monthly rates for full-day daycare in 2012, at $631 per month for infants and $431 per month for toddlers. Ontario’s costs were highest, at more than $1,000 for infants and $925 for toddlers. Quebec, which invested $2.2-billion a year in its childcare strategy, employed a flat-rate system where daycare spots could go for just $7 per day province wide. The province has since introduced a sliding scale”. Mowat Centre policy director Sunil Johal says that, “anecdotally, childcare costs appear to be going up, and costs vary from family to family”.

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