Minister touts success, daycare advocates question full-day kindergarten

Global News Toronto

Although there are positive impacts from the implemented full-day kindergarten policy there are also many child care advocates questioning the long term effects on daycares and younger children. School boards are finding it difficult to accommodate the inflow of young students due to lack of vacancies and construction delays.

Minister Sandals said Tuesday “They’ll find another school that has some empty space,” Sandals said. “They’ll temporarily put a portable on the property, maybe there’s a church basement down the road that they can rent for a month.”

Andrea Calver from the OCBCC states: "with four- and five-year-olds moving out of daycares, a larger percentage of the kids will be made up of infants – an age range, Calver says, requires more staff and more money. The solution, she said, is a significant increase in funding from the provincial government."

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