Ministry of Education Memos Available on the Web


How refreshing! The Ministry of Education has lots of useful information on their website. In general all Ministry of Education documents can be found at: (then click on Ministry memo summary)

We credit the Ministry for their openness and accountability. Directives from the Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister are publicly available at the following links:

Feb 8: Professional Activity Days – Early Learning Topic,

Feb 4: News You Can Use: Full-Day Learning Communication Materials,

Feb 3: Letter regarding the Early Learning Program,

Jan 13: 2010 EL2: Early Learning Program – Extended Day Component,

Jan 12: 2010 EL1: Early Learning Program – Site Selection Confirmation,

October 27: ELP Pupil Places 2010 and 2011, by community, please click here.

October 27: Projected Enrolment and Operating Funding 2010-11, please click here.

October 27: Operating Funding 2010-11, please click here.

October 27: Site Selection Chart, please click here.

October 27: Program Description, please click here.

October 27: Memo, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education Nancy Naylor to Directors of Boards of Education. This memo provides more detail on issues including the program model, class size, funding , planning, consultation and site selection. Page 5 details the criteria for site selection for the first phase of early learning beginning in September 2010, please click here.