More than just a child care waitlist registry - valued family support, assessment services should stay with Andrew Fleck

CUPE Communique 

Despite a $4 million provincial funding infusion for Ottawa child care services, parents and child care staff throughout the city are flummoxed as to why the City of Ottawa is ending community provision of a valued assessment and referral service that fielded over 11,500 calls from parents in 2013.

Andrew Fleck Child Care Services, one of Ottawa's oldest and most respected centres has run the Child Care Information service for the City of Ottawa since 1982. From November 2014, the city plans to have its 3-1-1 operators field child care inquiries, regardless of need or complexity.

"For families in crisis, CCI is a life-line to accessing other supports in the community. 3-1-1 operators are a wonderful resource to the people of Ottawa. But their expertise is referral."

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