Forgotten on the frontline: A survey report of Ontario's early years and child care workforce

Forgotten_on_the_frontline_1.pngThe OCBCC and AECEO's survey asked Ontario’s early years and child care workforce about current working conditions, mental health and well-being. The responses paint a picture of an early years and child care workforce at a breaking point. Already supervisors have reported having to reduce programs hours and close rooms due to a lack of staff. If there is not meaningful action from the federal and provincial governments to support the workforce, we anticipate further program instability and centre closures.

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Ontario child care advocates call on Premier Doug Ford to cooperate with the federal government on child care

Ontario child care advocates are celebrating today’s federal budget commitment of $30 Billion to early learning and child care. Advocates are also sending a strong message to Ontario Premier Doug Ford that Ontario must accept federal leadership on child care and work cooperatively with Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to build a real system of early learning and child care for Ontario families.

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OCBCC Spring Update 2021

Here is a link to our Spring OCBCC / Benefit Plan Update.

Inside you will find some great information about:

• Supporting Ontario's Child Care Sector
• 2021 Federal and Provincial Budget
• Health Benefit Plan Update
• Three Big Ideas

Open Letter Premier Ford: Protect and Respect Early Childhood Education and Care

The Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario and the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care have written an open letter calling on the Ontario government to protect and respect the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector:
• Increase funding to ensure the safety and well-being of educators, children and families;
• Prevent the further loss of early years and child care programs;
• Ensure transparent communication and collaboration with the sector.

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“An insult to educators, children and families”: Child care community views on the Ontario government’s proposed changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act.

The Ontario government is proposing changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act. The proposed regulations would make substantial changes to age ranges, staff to child ratios and group sizes (called “Schedule 2”); staff qualifications; before- and after-school programs; and discusses the introduction of an unlicensed child care registry.

The Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario and the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care carried out an online survey on the changes with 2,443 respondents (1,693 Early Childhood Educators and 741 parents with children in child care). The survey found overwhelming opposition to most of the proposed regulatory changes. Respondents were especially concerned about changes to age groups, staff to child ratios and qualifications.

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Ontario regulation proposal - fact sheet

As part of a 5-year review of the Child Care and Early Years Act, the Ontario government is proposing regulatory changes that could place some younger children into larger groups with fewer qualified staff.

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OCBCC's pre-budget brief, October 2020

Read our pre-budget brief submitted to the Ontario's government budget consultation.

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Revisiting "From Reopening to Recovery"

The report:

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Ford is failing families: Let's make child care essential for economic recovery

The Ford government has not promised any new funding to Ontario’s early learning and child care sector since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Their failure to act is pushing child care into a funding crisis that will destabilize the entire sector. With only 3 days’ notice to re-open, child care centres are being forced to lottery off child care spaces, lay off staff, or close permanently.

Parents are worried about a shortage of child care spaces as several programs are on the verge of financial devastation. We don’t have to accept Ford’s disastrous re-opening plan: Now is the time to speak out about the dire crisis facing child care.

>> Fact sheet in PDF.

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