Candidates asked how they'd help make ends meet

The PC, Liberal, NDP, and Green party candidates were asked by Northumberland, a serious of questions in regards to this month's provincial election. This article focused on question #2: "What supports do you see as necessary to helping families cope with such every-day issues as making ends meet and securing affordable child care?"

The PC explained that they would "The best way to make sure people have the money they need to support their families is to ensure they have a good job to go to, and to get their utility bills under control. We have also committed to balancing the budget in two years, and once we reach that goal, we will bring about a 10% reduction in Income Taxes. This will allow families to keep more of their own money, to help with child care, groceries, transportation etc."

The Liberals state that "Our next generation will have the best possible start in life, beginning with Full Day-Kindergarten.  This is their start to a world-class education, and saves families $6,500 annually on childcare (approx.) Tim Hudak will decimate Full-Day Kindergarten if elected, depriving our children of educational needs and will put a significant financial burden on families".

The NDPs stated that to make life affordable once again they will "Make crucial investments to stabilize the child care sector and expand access to affordable, safe child care for Ontario’s families".

Lastly the Green Party stated that "Food, shelter, education, jobs, care (health, child and seniors), social justice; these are all elements of what Ontario families face as possible barriers in their lives. As much as these are categorized into individual slots, the Green Party understands that they are really very much connected".