OCBCC's submission on Bill 66: Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, to the Standing Committee on General Government

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Summary of recommendations:

  • Schedule 3 should be removed in its entirety. The inclusion of these Education issues in an omnibus bill on business competitiveness is inappropriate and seems hasty and haphazard.
    • The proposed home child care changes under schedule 3 weaken important regulations that were put in place for children’s well-being and safety.
    • Any changes to before- and after-school child care changes require much more thoughtful consideration of the impact on quality and should only be made after extensive consultation with families, educators and the child care sector.
  • We recommend against the changes to the Employment Standards Act in Schedule 9 that would remove oversight of excessive weekly hours and overtime averaging arrangements. These changes would have a negative impact on early childhood educators’ employment standards and child care program quality.