Ontario New Democrats Commit to Child Care Funding

On September 2nd the Ontario NDP became the first party in the 2011 provincial election campaign  to commit to new funding to stabilze and sustain Ontario child care programs.

The event was held at the Bond Child and Family Development Centre with Rosemary White, Executive Director and a parent from the Centre.

Rosemary White, came with the OCBCC to present to the Standing Committee on Finance on Feb 3, 2010. She said at that time that Bond had a 39% vacancy rate (long waiting list but in a low income neighbourhood where many families could not afford to pay the full fee but were awaiting subsidy).

She warned that without new funding, Bond would be faced with closure. Fast forward 18 months, and Bond has announced its closure on Dec 31 of this year – a devastating loss to the community.

To read the NDP announcement, click here.

The Liberal Party is set to announce their platform on Monday September 5th, and we are eager to see what they have planned for child care.