Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Responds to Report "It's More than Poverty"

The Globe and Mail 

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has spoken out on the employment insecurities many people face in the Toronto and Hamilton regions after the release of the report It’s More than Poverty by McMaster University and the United Way.
Wynne has agreed with the report that an improved child care system is necessary to help families deal with employment insecurities.

Wynne states, “If we want our industries and our economy to be doing well, we need people to be doing well. We need everyone to have good opportunities for employment” (The Toronto Star).
The report outlines what sacrifices families have made because of unstable employment, including the amount of involvement they are able to have with their child's education.
Those listed as having insecure, low paying jobs were twice as likely to delay having children than those with secure, high paying jobs.
Also, those surveyed and interviewed in low and middle income households with employment insecurities had challenges accessing child care.

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