Ontario private school and storefront daycares operate in legal loophole

The Toronto Star

This is the first of a three-part series looking into unregulated daycares in Ontario

With prominent signs advertising child care, some parents may be misled by unlicensed child care centres that appear to look like a child care centre. In 1993, an exception was made to Ontario’s Day Nurseries Act that allowed preschool programs affiliated with private schools to exist without having to be licensed. That loophole was closed by the government that year but still allowed existing programs to operate without a license.

Private school operated child care facilities such as these “operate with no limit on the number of children they can care for, no child-staff ratio rules, no first aid, CPR or early childhood training and no government inspections.” The same goes for unregulated child care except they have care for no more than five children under age 10.

Unlicensed child care that describes themselves as child care centres can be very confusing for parents, as they are lead to believe these facilities are licensed and inspected.

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