Open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne about proposed changes to staff: child ratios and group sizes in Ontario child care centres

To sign the open letter send your name and details to: [email protected]

Dear Premier Wynne:

We are Ontario parents, educators, service providers, academics and community members. We are very concerned about some of the regulatory changes your government has proposed for child care centres. We are especially troubled by the changes to age group composition that will have the effect of reducing staff: child ratios and increasing group sizes.

We believe that these will have two negative outcomes: first, they will erode the quality of care that is so important for young children. Second, the changes will have a negative impact on accessibility, making much-needed spaces, particularly for infants, even less financially and practically viable than now.  

Expert opinion shows the proposed ratios/group size regulations that would affect children aged 12-18 months and 24-30 months to be below even minimum recommended quality standards and lower than almost all other Canadian jurisdictions. This would mean that young children in child care would be cared for by too few adults in too-large groups.

It is hard to argue that a two year old with the proposed 1:8 adult: child ratio in a group of 24 is in a “quality” or even a safe environment.  While we are pleased with the proposal to increase the number of Registered Early Childhood Educators, research suggests that an increase in trained staff is not a trade-off for decent ratios and group sizes.  Additionally, the already-stretched, underpaid, 97% female child care workforce cannot continue to pick up the slack for massive gaps in public financing.  

Your government contends that these changes are necessary because they will “increase access”. To the contrary, analyses by public entities and community service providers show that “new” infant rooms with a younger, narrower age range at a very high fee will close and that there will be severe financial and practical effects that affect service viability across age groups.

We recognize that there are good reasons to make changes in early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Ontario.  But we believe that these must be based on the best available evidence about what is of most benefit to children and families; we argue that these proposed changes are not. Additionally, we suggest that changes in ECEC in Ontario will continue to have negative effects if they continue to be “piecemeal”.

Thus, we propose that your government needs to withdraw proposed changes to age ranges, ratios and group sizes. Instead we recommend that the government develop a well-considered road map that begins with a clear vision, goals/objectives, targets and timetables, with regulatory changes as one part of this plan. This would have a better chance for successful policy change. We also call on Ontario to play a positive leadership role with the new federal Liberal government and other provinces/territories in developing the high quality universal integrated ECEC system that so many have been seeking for so long.    



Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Campaign 2000 - Ontario

Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario

Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 2484 Child Care Workers

Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada

Childcare Resource and Research Unit

Children's Aid Society of Toronto

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Family Service Toronto

Health Nexus

Ontario Council Canadian Federation of University Women

Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

Ottawa Child Care Association

Public Service Alliance of Canada - Ontario

Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care

Thunder Bay Childcare Supervisors Network


YWCA Toronto 

Child care centres and service providers

Pat Schulz Child Care Centre, Toronto

University of Guelph Child Care & Learning Centre, Guelph

East Toronto Village Children’s Centre, Toronto 

First Adventure Child Development Centre, Belleville

Hydrokids Day Care, Toronto

Red Apple Day Care, Toronto 

Mathew-John Day Care Centre, Toronto

Plains Rd Child Care Centre, Toronto

ABC Day Nursery, Windsor

Charlottetown Blvd Childcare Centre

Oak Park Co-operative Children's Centre, London

Western Day Care Centre, London, ON

Vradenburg Community Child Care Centre

La Garderie Croque Soleil, Kingston

Infant Mental Health Promotion

Isabella Walton Childcare Centre, Toronto

Montrose Child Care Centre, Toronto

Children’s Circle Daycare of St. Barnabas

Avon Co-operative Nursery School, Stratford

Eden Daycare

Garderie Bernadette Child Care Centre, Ottawa

REKSAP Centres For Early Learning

Rideau Child Care Centre

Denlow Community Child Care

St. Stephen's Community House Harbourfront and Waterfront Child Care Centres, Toronto

Waabinong Head Start Family Resource Centre 

Acorn Christian Day Care Inc

Strath-MacLean Child Care Centre

Kids Come First Child Care Centre Guelph, Ontario

Brookhaven Child Care Centre, Toronto

S.E.E.D.S. Childcare 

Playcare Early Learning Centre

Calvary Nursery School Inc. 

Dandylion Daycare Centre

Earl Hail Community Daycare Centre

Bowmore Child Enrichment Centre

Childspace Day Care Corporation

Fenelon-Langton Childcare Centre, Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Abc Academy-Wanless Park, Toronto

Little Lambs Daycare

Workside Early Childhood Education Centre

Once Upon A Time Child Care Centre, Essex

Centretown Parents' Cooperative Daycare, Ottawa

Sunburst Children's Centre

N'sheemaehn Child Care Centre

Monkey See Monkey Do Childcare and Development Centre

Upper Yonge Village Daycare Centre

Ridge K.I.D.S.

Edukids Child Care Centres

Rural Roots Children's Centre, Thunder Bay

Huron Park Montessori, Mississauga

Grace Church Day Care Centre, Newmarket

Teddy Bear Day Care, Garson

Tiago Child Care Centre 

Parkwood Children's Daycare Centre

Cathedral Children’s Centre

Whitney Child Centre 

Newpark Children's Centre

Boulton Avenue Child Care Centre

Rainbow Garden learning Centre

Daycare Connection

Downtown Montessori

Bradford Progress Child Care Centres

Ignace Nursery School

Garderie Bernadette Child Care Centre

Global Child Care Services, Ottawa

Queensway West Montessori School

Omni Learning Centre 

Garside Day Care Inc.

Cardinal Leger Child Care Centre 

Linda Lowe Daycare Centre

Active Kidz Daycare Centre

Glebe Parents' Day Care

Reggio Kids 1 & 2

Little Lions Waldorf Daycare & Kindergarten, Thunder Bay

Little Love Bugs Daycare 

Woodland Children’s Centre

Campus Child Care Cooperative of Guelph

Junction Daycare Centre

St Michael And All Angels Day Care Centre

The Village of Brooklin Cooperative Playschool

Owl Child Care Services of Ontario

Tiny Tots Co-operative Nursery School

Harmony Arts Daycare and Education Centre

St. Mark's Daycare, Toronto

Hydro Bright Lights Childcare Centre, Toronto

Discovery Child Care Centre, Barrie

Beacons of Light Daycare, Sarnia

Sunshine Child Care Services

Katimavik Early Learning Services, Ottawa 

Superior Children’s Centre

Springwater Child Care Centre

Brantford Little School Community Child Care Centre- Brantford

Brantford Little School Board of Directors-Brantford

Selwyn Community Childcare Centre

Mandi Day Care Centre

Together We Grow Learning and Childcare Centre

Petite Maison Montessori School

Armour Heights Child Care Program

Colonel By Child Care Centre                    

Centre Éducatif Village d'Élisabeth, Waterloo

We Hire For Child Care 

Waterloo Infant Toddler Daycare Association 

West Prep Children's Centre

Dunlace Children's Centre

Bowmore Road Community Daycare Centre

The Family Place Child Care Centres

West Ridge Early Education Centre

Burford Co-op Preschool & Children's Centre

Pearson Co-op Nursery School Burlington Ontario

Courtleigh Place Child Care Centre

Caring For Kids Childcare Centre

University Settlement Day Care

Monkey Around Play & Learn Centre

Learning Blocks Montessori School

St James Coop Preschool in Dundas

Hamilton & District council of cooperative Preschools

York University Co-operative Day Care Centre

Lescon Learners Childcare Centre

Air-O-Down Child Care Centre

Bridlewood Child Learning Centre

Centre Éducatif Village d'Élisabeth

Sector leaders, researchers and academics

Don Giesbrecht, CEO, Canadian Child Care Federation

Sheila Olan-Maclean, President, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

Noreen McChesney, President, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Martha Friendly, Executive Director, Childcare Resource and Research Unit

Anita Khanna, Director of Social Action and Community Building, Family Service Toronto and National Coordinator, Campaign 2000

Fred Hahn, President, Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario

Candace Rennick, CUPE Ontario Secretary Treasurer

Carrie Lynn Poole-Cotnam, CUPE Ontario Social Services Committee Chair

Chris Buckley, President, Ontario Federation of Labour

Patty Coates-Jarvis, Secretary-Treasurer, Women's Committee Chair, Ontario Federation of Labour

Sharon DeSousa - PSAC Ontario Regional Executive Vice-President

Heather McGregor, CEO, YWCA Toronto 

Shellie Bird, Child Care Coordinator, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Ottawa

Ann Douglas, parenting author and columnist, Peterborough, Ontario

Janet Davis, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 31, Beaches-East York

Mary Fragedakis, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 29, Toronto-Danforth

Paula Fletcher, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 30, Toronto-Danforth 

Joe Cressy, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina

Mike Layton, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina

Wanda St Francois, Executive Director, Affiliated Services for Children and Youth (ASCY)

Professor Donna S. Lero, PhD, Jarislowsky Chair in Families and Work, University of Guelph

Petr Varmuza, PhD Candidate, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Tricia van Rhijn, PhD, RECE, Assistant Professor of Family Relations & Human Development, University of Guelph

Kathleen Brophy PhD, Professor Emerita, Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph

Kathleen Lahey, Professor, Faculty of Law, Queen's University, Kingston Ont.

Rachel Langford PhD, Director, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University.

Dr. Patrizia Albanese, Professor, Department of Sociology, Ryerson University. 

Kathryn Underwood, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University

Rianne Mahon, CIGI Chair and Professor, Balsillie School of International Affairs and Department of Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University

Dasha Shalimo, RECE, PhD, Professor, Early Childhood Education, Sheridan Institute for Technology and Advanced Learning

Dr. Elaine Winick, RECE, Professor, School of Early Childhood, George Brown College, Toronto

Monica Lysack, RECE, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Sheridan College, Oakville 

Goranka Vukelich, RECE, Chair, Child, Youth & Community Development, Conestoga College, Kitchener 

Andrea Ferguson, RECE, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Seneca College, Toronto

Brooke Richardson, B.A, M.A, ECME, Instructor, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University

Karen Chandler, Professor, Early Childhood Education, George Brown College

Evelina Lukaszyk, M.A., RECE, Instructor, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University & George Brown College

Heather Lewis, Program Manager, School of Early Childhood Education, Seneca College

Jenni Mastroianni, RECE, Career & Placement Coordinator ECS, University of Guelph-Humber, and parent

Caitlyn Passera BCD, RECE,Master of Teaching Candidate at OISE of The University of Toronto

Marni Binder, Associate Professor, School of Early Childhood, Ryerson University

Dr. Diane Kashin, RECE, Faculty, Ryerson University

Susan Hartwell, RECE, BSc, MAdEd, Professor, Early Childhood Education Program, Durham College

Kathrina Lalog, Professor, School of Early Childhood Education, Seneca College

Marsha Barrett, Professor Early Childhood Education, Toronto

Zofia Sonia Worotynec, Public Policy Researcher & Analyst, San Jose, Ex-Pat Toronto

Noah Kenneally, PhD candidate, Humanities, Social Sciences & Social Justice Education OISE, University of Toronto

Sandy How, MSW, PhD

Laurel Rothman, past National Coordinator of Campaign 2000: End Child Poverty

Amy Peverley, M.A. (Developmental Psychology), Peterborough

Erin Cameron, RECE, BA, MSc, Professor, Early Childhood Education, Mohawk College

Rachel Berman, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University

Andrea M.L. Perrella, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

Penny Davies MA, BA, RECE, Professor, Faculty of Applied Health and Community Services, Sheridan College

Karen Charnow Lior, Executive Director, Toronto Workforce Innovation Group

Shirley Bainbridge, B.Ed., RECE, AECEO.C, Professor, Early Childhood Education Program, Mohawk College

Rachel Caplan, PhD candidate, Community Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University and Instructor, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University

Melissa Fellin, PhD, Assistant Professor (CAS), Youth and Children's Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University

Kim Speer, Professor, Early Childhood Education, Sheridan College

Edith Law, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo

Ms. Candice M. Christmas, MA, Senior Consultant, HorizonKMb, Doctoral Candidate, Health Policy & Equity, York University

Aurelia Di Santo, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University

Morna Ballantyne, Board Member, Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada

Julie Valerio, RECE, Faculty, Early Childhood Education, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Mary Lou Lummiss, Faculty, Fleming College, Peterborough

Kristine Fenning, Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator, Humber College, Toronto

Anna Baas-Anderson RECE, Professor, Early Childhood Programs, Sheridan College

Julie Guarasci, B.Ed., M.Ed in Developmental Psychology, Toronto

Nadia Breese, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Sheridan College

Laura Schein, Faculty of Ryerson School of Early Childhood Studies

Dr. Ebrahim Khodadady, Independent researcher

Kate Breznik BA. RECE,ACECO.C - Professor Mohawk College

Kenise Muphy Kilbride, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Ryerson University

James Roy, President, Board of Directors, University Settlement

Sonja Greckol, PhD, writer

Rabia Khan, RECE assistant, Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario

Lisa Lalonde, RECE, Algonquin College, Professor in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education

Leslie Kopf Johnson, RECE, Algonquin College, Professor in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education

Natasha Bakht, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa

Cathy O'Toole, MA, Co-ordinator, Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development, Conestoga College

Liane Gallop, RECE, Manager, Early Learning Centre, School of Health and Community Studies                                                              

Professor Julie Benoit, M.Pséd, RECE, Collège La Cité, Ottawa

Sophie Theriault, Parent and Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Giselle Mirabelli B.A, R.E.C.E, Part time Faculty/Field Supervisor, Early Childhood Education, Humber College

Kate Bezanson, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Brock University

Lori Culleton, RECE, Faculty Early Childhood Education, St. Lawrence College  

Early childhood education and care champions

Carolyn Ferns, Public Policy Coordinator, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

Lyndsay Macdonald, Coordinator, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Jane Mercer, Coordinator, Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care

Viktoria Bitto, Membership Coordinator, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

Christina Gilligan, National Representative, Canadian Union of Public Employees

Lorna Reid, Director, University of Guelph Child Care and Learning Centre

Bethany Grady, RECE, Research Officer, Childcare Resource and Research Unit

Alana Powell, RECE, Toronto

Teresa Burke, RECE, Executive Director, Peterborough

Debbie Milne RECE, Executive Director, Belleville

Laura Thompson, Vice Chair, OPSEU Provincial Women's Committee

Kim Gilbert, RECE, Parent, CUPE Social Service Workers Coordinating Committee Child Care Representative, Windsor

Lisa Tjernstrom, RECE 

Ruth Huston, RECE, Program Manager, York Child Development, Newmarket  

Chanequa Cameron, RECE, Toronto   

Laura Coulman, RECE, Child Care Planning and Policy Analyst, County of Wellington

Sue Parker, Membership Administrator, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario 

Lena DaCosta, Events and Communications, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario 

Jola Sadocha, Supervisor, Mathew-John Day Care Centre

Kim Crawford, Associate Supervisor, Matthew-John Day Care Centre

Viorica Ilie, RECE

Samantha Smith, RECE

Alicia Mastandrea, RECE

Irene Georgopoulos

Nuna Ly, RECE

Elvira Mendoza

Eraneea Muthra

Natalia Iwanek

Angela Dixon, RECE

Yanika Wong, RECE

Ann-Kristin Bito, RECE

Eva Weber, RECE

Naomi Weerasoorija, RECE

Cecilia Cianflocca, RECE

Cathy O'Toole, RECE

Tim Bullen

Natasha O'Toole

Rhyen McGill

Anne O'Toole

Gary O'Toole

Eve Mate, RECE

Carolyn Brennan, RECE

Linda Rothman

Debra Deonarine, RECE

Jennifer Schettler, RECE

Tanya Harrison, RECE

Carlso Garrido, RECE

Suriya Abdulhai, RECE

Hae Won Lee

Baole Liu Le, RECE

Philip Drube, parent

Ran Salam, parent

Dasantila Kotra, parent

Linh Luu, parent

Georgina Sayno, parent

Ali Khan, parent

Renne Maynard, parent

Kaye Holmes, RECE

Filomena Lacaria RECE

Karen Anthony, RECE

Donna Spreitzer, RECE

Jeanette Da Costa, RECE

Aisha Scales, parent, Toronto

Yomi Bailey, RECE

Susan Snook, RECE  

Karen Anthony, RECE

Fernanda Miranda, RECE

Kristy Matt, ECA

Karen Atkinson, RECE

Angie Norman, RECE

Kayla Cook, ECA

Pauline Lee, RECE

Laura MacKinnon, RECE

Pia Baldassarra, RECE

Eleni Frimis

Shaneice R. Weekes, ECA

Anna Leger, RECE

Neda Shihadeh, ECA

Angela Muscat, RECE

Sherry Lickers, RECE, ECE.C, Ohsweken

Diane O'Neill, parent, grandparent, retired RECE

Erica Symons, Supervisor

Chelsea Dault, aunt & RECE, Orangeville

Lorna Sisca RECE, Burlington

‎Lori Gray, RECE, Toronto

Karen Chaplin, BA, RECE, ECE.C, Toronto

Nancy Tamas, RECE

Leah Walker, Parent, London

Gail Tummon RECE, Toronto

Nora Brameld, RECE, Pickering

Marcela Butlin, Director, London

Lisa Mathieu, Supervisor, Toronto

Katie Jeffries, OCT and parent

Alexandra Pilli, ECE Student

Cathy Brown, RECE

Shani Halfon, RECE

Cynthia Sanderson

Laura Little, RECE, Supervisor, Niagara Falls

Terri Watt, RECE and Director, Burlington

Wyonna Shingleton, ECE student, Guelph

Cynthia Williamson, Ajax

Kelly Bomans, RECE, AECEO.C., BA, Supervisor

Leanna Tuba RECE B.A. (ECE) B.Ed M.Ed, Field Placement Advisor, Humber College

Jane Tsui, RECE

Brenda Teeuwsen, RECE

Jacqueline Wiseman, ECE student

Jamie Suner, parent

Pam Wicks, grandparent

George Wicks, grandparent

Jessica Rudolph, parent, Toronto

Janeen Wallace RECE, Director, Oshawa

Dale Kingdon RECE, Childcare Coordinator, Ajax

Jane O'Meara RECE, School-Age Coordinator, Ajax

Cathy Wittmaier, RECE, Supervisor, Port Colborne, Ontario

Ida Taddei, RECE

Sabrina Ingribelli, RECE

Michelle Friedrich, RECE

Lina Castillo, toddler RECE and parent

Anjali Dubey MA, RECE, Toronto

Carolina Miranda, OCT, Cambridge

Melissa Kohnle RECE

Kaitlynn Munz, RECE, Burlington

Amanda Robinson, RECE

Lyndi Andersen, Niagara

Shauna McCourt, Parent, Burlington

Voula Doukas, RECE, B.A.

Kelly Schwerdfeger, parent, Ottawa

Maya Magan, B. Ed., RECE

Samantha Everding, RECE

Laura Pellarin-Holmes, RECE, Windsor

Rebecca Fuhr, RECE

Stephanie Draper, RECE, parent, London 

Lorena Cruz-Molina, RECE, parent

Marisol Sokalski, RECE, Resource Consultant, parent – Guelph

Kimberly Mitchell, RECE, Executive Director, London

Steve Parker

Carolle Booivin-Gibbs, Kingston

Susan Bonsall, RECE, Director, Peterborough

Maria Hosein RECE, Director, Toronto

Sherrie Lee,  RECE, Thornbury

Laurie Taniguchi

Callie Amo, RECE

Michelle Gnam, teacher and parent

Doug Gnam, parent

Kelsey Brophy, RECE

Katherine Wong, RECE

Kristin Kyle, RECE

Lauren Miller, RECE

Laurel Watters, RECE, Mother, Sault St. Marie

Rosanne Sallafranque RECE

Laura Martinez, RECE

Jaclyn Henry, RECE

Brandy Cannady, RECE, Guelph

Ashley Welsh RECE

Nancy Dingwall

V. Babcock, RECE, Kingston

Daniela Ferraro RECE

Amy O'Neil, RECE, Manager, Toronto

Susan Scharlach, Director

Katherine Cross, RECE, Thunder Bay

Shannon Hanna, RECE, parent

Althea Taylor, RECE

Tasneem Rujabally, RECE

Shlomit Kriger, RECE

Jennifer Ross, RECE

Alex Cullen, Ottawa

Laurie Burega, RECE

Nicole Cormier, Parent

Elizabeth Freeman, Mississauga

Pamela Hennessy, RECE, Home Visitor, Barrie

Andrea Calver, Toronto

Mary Safruk, Parent, RECE, Supervisor, Georgetown

Christina Albu, RECE

Tracy-Ann Brown-Chung, RECE

Kelan Zhai, Mother

Toni Xerri

Chantelle Lone

Anna Massenhoven, BA, RECE, Waterloo

Jennifer Thomas, RECE, Port Colborne

Joan Sinclair, B.A, OCT, RECE, Supervisor

Michelle Lo, RECE, Markham

Iris Lamb

Ruthann Knox-Lee, RECE, parent

Adriana Maxwell RECE, parent

Sandy Christie, RECE, Guelph

Aimee Malangyaon, RECE

Robin Souliere, RECE

Lynn Bateson, RECE, Pickering

Mel Mc Grory, RECE, Lindsay

Sharon Hartman, RECE

Alison Bell-Smith, RECE, Guelph

Rochelle Brodrecht RECE, B.ECL

Jennifer L. Noseworthy, RECE

Cheryl Fotherby  RECE, RT, BA

Sara White, RECE

Patricia Yan-Badilla, RECE

Rick MacLean

Jennifer Conforzi RECE

Megan Dupuis, RECE Sudbury

Natasha Burke, RECE, Hamilton

Brenda Dunnings RECE

Samantha Hutton, ECE Student

Amy King, ECE

Monika Arsenault, RECE

Heather Burt, ECE Student, Toronto

Katie-Lynn Parkinson, RECE

Annelise Dent, RECE

Theresa Radwanski, RECE, Toronto

Ruth Treloar, RECE, Toronto

Mary Athanasopoulos, RECE, Toronto

Sully Farah, RECE, Toronto

Grace Melkomian, RECE, Toronto

Emma Connell, RECE, Toronto

Nina Crisolago, RECE, Toronto

Sara Malfara, RECE, Toronto

Denise Collins, RECE, Toronto

Shakay Matthews, RECE, Toronto

Karen Farrell, RECE, Ajax

Gertrude Lachapelle, RECE, Toronto

Bernadette Behnke, RECE, Toronto

Cindy Botelho, Toronto

Despina Kaspiris, Toronto

Farzaneh Saghafian, Toronto

Isabel Albizures, Toronto

Linda Johnson, Toronto

Sasha Laing, Toronto

Monique Vienneau, Toronto

Casey Geddes, Toronto

Marissa Loregnard, Toronto

Asina Badru, Toronto

Kathlene Navalta, Toronto

Meaghan Smith, Toronto

Anju Saxena, Toronto

Cathy Nicolson, RECE

Melissa Chalmers, parent, Thornbury

Teresa Cannataro, RECE

Dawn Barnes, RECE, Lindsay

Kaitlyn Welburn, RECE

Sarah Whidden, RECE, Vanastra

Mindy Haie RECE

Susan Lalonde, R.E.C.E., ECE.C

Tanya Bosma, RECE, Parent

Aleksandra Czyzowska, Parent, Ajax

Cynthia Rampaul, RECE

Courtney Malmholt, RECE, Aurora

Lyndsay Wakeling RECE

Amanda Sabzali, RECE, Parent

Elizabeth Horbatuk RECE, OCT

Brandi Berylene Reader, RECE

Courtney Lee, RECE

Keileigh Barrett-Harvey, RECE, Resource Worker, Sudbury

Maryse Skuza, OCT.

Lana St. Jean, R.E.C.E

Krystle Gallaugher, RECE

Jennifer henderson, RECE

Lydia Crowther, RECE, Toronto

Emeryl Telesforo, ECE student

Fengchao Yu, RECE

Charlyn Monahan

Crystal Bergman RECE

Elizabeth Steggles O.T. Reg.

Alison Gaston, RECE, MA ECS

Rashin Lamouchi, ECE student, Toronto

Michael Brameld, Toronto

Holly Parish, Stratford

Jody Miller RECE, Supervisor 

Orllie Gogolin, RECE, AECEO.C

Michele Merritt, RECE

Deborah Calvert, Parent

Afiya Guerin, RECE , Toronto

Sonila Fletcher, Parent, Toronto

Krista McKay, RECE, Arnprior

Heidi Gibbons, RECE

Anna Sturino, Toronto

Sandra Crawford, RECE, Ottawa

Rebecca Bomasuit RECE, BA, Stratford

Kerry Shedden

Jennifer Miller RECE, Supervisor, Thornbury

Heather Broadfoot RECE, Stratford

Cathy Vanderleest 

Maria Mandarino

Tanya Laughlin, RECE, Orillia

Shermineh Shams, RECE

Mélanie Cuerrier, Kingston

Candita Mills, Orangeville

Peter MacFarlane, Ottawa

Lore Colombi, RECE

Lindsay Ross, RECE

Valerie Watson, RECE, Township of North Huron

Janet Bugeja, RECE and parent

Janelle Sauvageau (PhD), parent

Mary Gabriele-Skelley, RECE and parent, Toronto

Maryanne Ritacca, ECA

Dan Cappon, Toronto

Kim Watts RECE, BA, Toronto

Emily Noordam, RECE, Hamilton

Lisa Maclam, mother of two 

Dan Campbell, parent, Ottawa

Sophie Kebabjian

Janinne Riopelle RECE, Perth

Janet Owens RECE, Executive Director, Thunder Bay

Karen Grant, RECE

Kathy Elek RECE, AECEO.C

Charlotte Osborne, Extremely Concerned Parent of a Preschool Aged boy

Ava Keisha Marshall, Parent

Thomas Bod Marshall, Parent

Anna Cosentino ECA

Leslie LeClair RECE, Lindsay

Joy Vanasse, BA, child care worker, Thunder Bay

Chris Chan, Toronto

Kerri Whitaker, RECE

Medjina Samah

Tanya Richardson, Sarnia

Kate Pilniuk, parent, Brooklin

Kim Legault, parent and home child care assistant, Ottawa

Brianne Leitch, RECE, Toronto

Grace Hyejin Kim, RECE

Alessandra Del Vecchio RECE, Toronto

Sashi Dugalic

Heather Clayton, Supervisor

Marisa Buffone, teacher and parent

Gillian Potts-Hemingway, RECE

Lisa Vickers

Shanna McDougal, RECE

Karin Bissonette, RECE, Stittsville

Ashley Dagg, RECE, Stittsville

Aaron Hornbrook, Toronto

Yifan Tan, RECE, Richmond Hill

Shelley Secrett, RECE

Alyson Doyle, teacher and parent, Brooklin

Wendy Wells, RECE, Oakville

Tina Smigielski, RECE and director

Kelly Skrt, RECE

Louise Mundt

Christa Bourne, RECE, Petrolia

Kathryn Cicekci, RECE, B.Ed

Kristina Turk, RECE – Executive Director

Ewa Rogowska, RECE – Assistant Director

Kasia Antoninas, RECE

Becky McAllister, ECA

Cheryl LaFrance, RECE

Megan Thibodeau, ECA

Eva Hansesn, RECE

Joe Whittemore, Janitor

Julie Mantua, RECE

Karen Alexander, Cook

Richa Sabu, RECE

Lindsay Matthews, RECE

Lorena Romero, RECE

Michelle Howlett, RECE

Natasha Maiato, RECE – School Age Supervisor

Jessica Wozniak, RECE

Suzie, Pedro, RECE

Fiorella DiPersio, RECE

Nakilla Nouri, ECA

Kaila Grande, ECA

Sarah Checkeris, RECE

Emma Johnson, RECE

Michelle Wydra, RECE

Georgiana Pusey, RECE

Phyllis Roach, Cook

Katie Verwey, RECE

Nisha Shanthankumar, RECE

Rachel Baptista, RECE

Norma Macapagal, RECE

Jennifer Courtemanche

Georgina Currie, RECE, Program Supervisor

Jessica Weadick, parent, Stratford

Asma Kidwai, Director

Saad Alam

Carol-Anne Nacini   

Rachel Bouchard, RECE

Heather Palmer-Saettone, parent.

Elizabeth Manafo, Parent

Loretta Dawson RECE

Agustin Loreto

Ashley Etienne RECE, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Georgia Vilos - Parent - London Ontario Canada

Larry Vilos - Parent -  London Ontario Canada

Aglaia Makris - Grandparent - London Ontario Canada

Stratos Makris - Grandparent - London Ontario Canada

Niki Vilos - Grandparent - London Ontario Canada 

Spiro Vilos - Grandparent - London Ontario

Elizabeth Ritchie, RECE, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Donna Jean Godfrey RECE C, Director 

Andrew Jackson, RECE 

Susan Dixon RECE.C  

Yvette Torres, RECE, Toronto

Cathy Robb RECE

Raj Magan

Camille Perreault, Ottawa

Arlene Atkinson RECE, Supervisor

Teresa Smedley, RECE, Supervisor, Vaughan, Ontario

Jessica Garvin, RECE

Jami VanSickle

Shannon Hayman, Parent, Brooklin

Kyle Hayman, Parent, Brooklin

Nathalie Ayotte, RECE

Brittany Fisher, RECE

Monika Obermeier, RECE, BCD, MA

Irene Beaton, RECE 

Marlon Romyn, RECE. Supervisor

Anouska Dias

Carrie-Lynne Glason, RECE

Erin Lachance  RECE

Ruwani Fuller, Concerned Citizen and former Early Childhood Education Assistant, Grimsby

Dorie Heffron, RECE, Director

Mellisa Gan, RECE

Jacquie Maund, Toronto parent

Melanie Urquhart, Mother, ECE, BASc, CAS Worker

Donovan Wilton, Music Director

Lynn Salisbury, RECE

Amy Williams, Educator and Parent

Nicki McIlree, RECE, Supervisor

Saumya Valookaran

Rae-lynn Bertrand RECE

Heather Clayton

Melissa Korosi-Pereira Center Director/RECE

Mary Lou Lamont, RECE, BAA, MT

Cathy Steffler, RECE

Katherine Johnston, RECE

Jennifer Roberts, R.E.C.E

Samantha Loi, RECE, Toronto

Cecilia Cicchelli, RECE

Christelle Greenfield, parent, Port Elgin, ON

Ashley Manktelow, parent and assistant teacher

Elizabeth Katherine McQuarrie, RECE, Gore Bay

Judith E. Mann, RECE, B.Ed, O.C.T.

Danielle Balkwill RECE, Renfrew County

Danijela Obradovic, parent

Darlene Meecham R.E.C.E 

Alexandra Forneri, International ECE Student, Supply Staff, Thunder Bay

Pat Leeson, Retired elementary school principal

Jennifer Walsh RECE

Vesna Ostojic, Graduating ECE Student

Takako Tezuka, RECE

Lena Manicone, RECE

Tiffany Cramer, parent

Irene Tran, RECE, Toronto

Sabrina Alza RECE

Jillian Buggy, Parent

Sahreen Darakhshan, RECE 

Katie O'Donovan, Parent

Stacy King RECE, Sudbury

Amanda Donald, RECE, London

Sooyoung Lee, International ECE Student

Jen Robinson, Parent, Windsor

Julian South, RECE, Toronto

Arnela Mirkovic

Sarah Liss, parent, Toronto

Kristi Block

Pilar Alvarez, RECE

Marisa Manduca, B.A., R.E.C.E, Director

Yuting Du, RECE

Fiona Olivier, RECE, BCD, Ottawa

Nicola Snowden, parent

Donna Lee, parent

Abigail Dennis

Krista Coventry, Parent, Guelph

Colin Garrioch, Parent , Guelph

Tamara Rodriguez, ECE Student

Krista Laforet RECE

Naomi Coates, RECE, Orillia

Carol Byers RECE

Paul Epton, Toronto

Krista Laforet RECE 

Hillary Tombs, Toronto

Romana Huq

Dona and Karl Bonar, parents

Lisa-Dawn Brooks, parent

Meenu Aeri RECE

Jackie Kyereme, Graduating ECE Student

Suzanne Daly, RECE, Toronto

Amy Govan RECE, Guelph

Crystal Harper, RECE - Toronto

Lauren Sutton, RECE

Shannon Steeves, RECE

Andrea Thomas, OCT, RECE, Milton

Mansi Sood DECE, Burlington

Eric Smigielski - Parent - Bowmanville

Loukia Poulis RECE

Shona Mills, RECE

Marybel Ramirez, Student

Liliana Carreira, Brampton

Anita Don, RECE

Selena Gomes, ECE Student

Pat Chenier, RECE, Director, London, Ontario

Deb Bell, RECE, Executive Director

Kim Slemensky


Aimee Flaherty, Parent & RECE

Janet Moore, Niagara

Jennifer Wellman, Parent, Toronto

Ngai Williams, Parent, Toronto

Tina Baltare, RECE and parent

Beth Huggins, B.Ed and parent

Saerom Kim, International ECE Student

Anne-Marie McArthur, ECE Student

Jennifer Bovaconti, Parent

Lucia da Silva, RECE, Parent

Stephanie McNaught, ECE, OCT, parent, Toronto

Jennifer Ferlisi, parent

Ashley Meyer, BA, ECE Student, Toronto

Shaun Lee, Parent

Ellana Katzberg, RECE, Director

Manna Middleton, Executive Director, Toronto

Katherine Szedetzki, ECE Student

Angela Zajczenko, RECE RT

Kristen Varley, RECE

Melissa Mikel, RECE, Stratford

Jamie Kass

Margarita Tsurinova

Audrey P Conner, Supervisor /RECE

Kaiti Card, RECE & Supervisor, Fenelon Falls

Kelly Costigan, Social Worker, Mom

Brigitte Doucet 

Valeda Steinburg, RECE C, Petawawa

Caroline Hosch RECE, Toronto

Kim Couch, RECE, Thunder Bay

Leila Al-Mijalli, Parent and RECE, Mississauga

Katie Sokoli, Windsor

Aryana Nawabi, R.E.C.E, Toronto


Mandy Walker RECE, Orillia

Nancy Boudreau, RECE

Kiloran Fensom, OCT, ECE student

Aloma Jayasinghe

Barb Epton, Grandparent

Hollis McGowan, RECE, Ottawa

Joanne Thorpe, RECE, Waterloo

Elizabeth Banman

Tracey Webster RECE, Hamilton

Christie Perrella, RECE, Parent

Marcia Beckles, R.E.C.E

Tabinda Saifuddin, RECE, Brampton

Kimberly Tamar RECE

Shiri Pasternak, Visiting Scholar, Osgoode Law

Meera Singh, parent

Kristin O’Connor

Mercedes Massingale, ECE student

Shehnila Muhajir, Parent, Mississauga

Marion Vitrac, child care centre board member, Ottawa

Mary Jo Cocarell, Sarnia

Cecilia Cicchelli RECE, Maple

Nina-Marie Mariconda, Parent, Student, Toronto

Brooke Walter, Parent

Diana Chow RECE, Markham

Lillian Moodie-Thomas RECE

Pickering Lisa Gibson RECE

Crystal McGill RECE

Barb Mortley RECE

Victoria Dillon RECE, Mississauga

Jennifer Hill, RECE, Ottawa

Catherine Mastromartino RECE, Toronto

Debra Jerome RECE, Thornhill

Zainab Ali RECE, Toronto

Jessica Smith RECE, London

Jessica Munro-Smith RECE, Brampton

Dan Gartshore

Dilshad Kershaw Heather Clayton RECE, Guelph

Jennifer Henderson RECE

Susan Lalonde RECE, AECEO.C, Milton

Martina Woodley RECE

Jennifer Conforzi RECE Mindy Haie RECE, Toronto

Marilyn Ogden RECE

Tracy-Ann Brown-Chung RECE

Shermineh Shams RECE

Vanessa Esteves

Nicole M. Clark, Mother, RECE, Fergus, Ontario

Mary Kannakko, Director and President of a child care centre, Former Pediatric Registered Nurse, Grandparent

Shawna Launay, RECE, Whitby, ON

Lina Van Esch RECE ECE.C., Field Placement Officer for the ECE program at Niagara College

Kim Smith, RECE, Executive Director

Daniel Epton

TerriAnn Brenton , ECA

Sarah Mavrikkou, RECE

Amanda Zavarella, Parent, ECE Student

Jennifer Fenn

Jennie Hilts, RECE, BEYE

Rachel Breen, Toronto

Shelley Smith, RECE

Vicki McQueen, Supervisor, Thunder Bay

Maggie Ferreira, RECE

Kristen Petendra-Tomin, RECE, Niagara Falls

Fiona Byington, Nurse, Parent, Smiths Falls, On

Darcy Souliere, CYW, parent

Barb Crawford rece

Sarah Giles, RECE, Barrie, Ontario

Emily Maloy, RECE

Joanne Husak, Grandparent

Danielle Ritchie RECE

Christine McNair, OCT, BEd, President of Board of Directors of a child care centre, parent, Strathroy

Stephanie Oldfield RECE

Allie Burke, Peterborough

Ria Sommer, RECE , Norwich

Sheena Bardai RECE 

Ann Marie Koskinen R.E.C.E., Supervisor, Barrie

Alanna Zehr, Guelph, Ontario

Andrea Topic RECE, BECS Hamilton

Becky Arthurs, RECE, Burlington

Kassy Halpin, Assistant Educator, Burlington

Leanne MacMillan

Tallulah Hershorn, parent and former childcare worker, Toronto

Kimberly Demers, ECE Student

Cristina Gillan, RECE, Executive Director, parent, Strathroy

Sheri-Anne Harrison, RECE, Richmond Hill

Stacey Leber, parent

Catherine Crouse

Cristina Gillan, RECE, Executive Director

Lisa Newton Denney, RECE, On-Site Supervisor, Oakville

Barbara Routliffe, RECE

Christina Kosar, parent

Todd Belza, parent

Cindy Daniele RECE

Dr. Ailish Campbell

Lynsey Stewart, ECE Student

Michelle Beauchamp RECE, Sarnia

Mark Wrogemann, Parent

Matthew Tegelberg, parent

Samantha Sparling, RECE 

Terri Santos RECE and Supervisor


Lidia Romeo

Kristi Bovaconti RECE

Cheryl Herder, RECE

Ryan Matier

Laura Stavro Beauchamp, M Des. Mother, designer and educator

Gillian Kennedy, Parent

Lana St. Jean, RECE

Iren Telemi RECE Toronto

Lisa Fernandes, Parent

Tonya Mahar, Parent

Sharlene Mockler, Parent, London

Joanne DiCesare

Jenny Porter RECE

Cecilia Pon RECE

Yu-Ling Shui RECE

Barb Boyko RECE

Shantih Lawrence RECE

Stephanie Gomes RECE

Emma Marshman RECE

Lorena Aria RECE

Asem Azouka RECE

Munthaj Jamal Muhammed RECE

Diane Dobusz ASST

Diana Leggat ASST

Talyn leggat Supply

Susan Holder - RECE, Centre Director

Michelle Sousa - RECE, Room Supervisor

Stephanie Da Silva Coelho - RECE, Room Supervisor

Sally Ballantine - Room Assistant

Annette Donaldson - Room Assistant

Nicollette Coombs-RECE, Room Supervisor

Sophie Samuels - RECE

Adienlen Obawaeki

Felecia Douse -RECE , Room supervisor

Ruhi Mahmud- room assistant

Fanny Beltran

Patricia fortune wilson

Etienna Cardenas

Laura Roy

Sarah Di Tomaso, supervisor

Suzanne Ribeiro - RECE Room Supervisor

Lorien Walker, room assistant

Danielle Bamford, room assistant

Kayla Bellerose , RECE Room Supervisor

Amanda Houle

Shae-Lyn hosick , RECE Room Supervisor

Alesia Terrana, RECE Room Supervisor

Patricia Bonnaud - RECE , Room Supervisor

Christina Hamid

Jaclyn Garland-RECE, room assistant

Janet Smith, RECE, Hamilton

Jackie Price, RECE, Kemptville

Jane Ward, RECE, Supervisor 

Cindy Mitchell B.A./ RECE

Erin Roberts, Parent

Maigen Bundy, SLP, York Region

Livia Mainella, Supervisor

Melody Brown RECE

Kila Walster, RECE, Supervisor

Janice Morgan RECE-Hamilton

Antonietta Smith RECE

Dianne Traynor RECE, City of Kawartha Lakes

Amanda Buchanan, Parent, Toronto. 

Ann Klassen, Parent, ECE, Kingsville, Ontario

Beckie Kellett, RECE, Parent

Leah Leon, parent

Brian and Sandra Donkervoort, Grandparents, London

Melissa Gemmell, RECE, Smiths Falls

Colleen Ball, parent

Scott Bradley

Nicole A. Dowling, Parent

Jodie Pappas, Parent

Cindy Desnoyers, RECE

Stephanie Brescacin, R-ECE

Theresa Sara, RECE, Interim Program Supervisor

Anuradha Jain, RECE

Stephanie Kirschner Mattern, RECE

Rebecca Zamon, parent

Melissa Crawford, RECE, Walkerton

Katherine Wilcock

Lisa Irving RECE

Kim Yakimovich, RECE

Joel Landy, Parent

Fiona Wielhouwer, Supervisor, Burlington

Krista Ritchie, RECE

Jennifer Braden,  RECE, Kitchener

Bonnie De Kuyper, RECE

Lisa Mariuz, RECE, Windsor

Celiegh Melo 

Kesavy Nadesaperuman, RECE

Karen Wong, RECE, Toronto

Maria Iankova, RECE, Toronto

Cecilia Kim, Parent

Rosa Richardson RECE, Essex

Jennifer Castein & Colin Castein, Parents, London

Viktoriya Terechshenko, ECE Student, Parent

Amanda Mailloux, parent

Jenna Davies

Amanda Sousa, RECE and parent of 3

Danielle Vander Kolk, RECE, Manager, Grimsby

Lunel Barrera, RECE, Toronto

Krystina McVey, RECE

Brenna Gelder, RECE, Ottawa

Evelyn Canam, Parent, Ajax

Ciara Whelan

Angela Jongsma RECE

Gina Erasmo, ECA, Ottawa

Laura Van Harmelen, parent and social worker, Toronto

Zsofia Orosz, parent of 3, Ottawa


Karissa and Steve Jones, Parents

Kristin, RECE, Vaughan

Patricia McLean RECE, Wingham

Kristen Currie, parent, Toronto

Brian Kwong, parent, Toronto

Laura Doucette RECE, Sudbury

Sophia Sajid RECE, Milton

Colton Hoekstra

Dennielle Lacroix RECE, Etobicoke

Pauline McKay, parent and ECE apprentice

Shelly McDonald RECE - Toddler Room, Orangeville

Farheen Mohsin RECE, Mississauga

Jodi Corbett RECE

Karen Manning

Brenda Walkoski AECEO.C, Thunder Bay

Jerome Adamo RECE

Pauline Lee RECE and Montessori Early Childhood Teacher in training, Mississauga

Nancy Croth, Waterloo

Crystal Curlew RECE, Sault Ste. Marie

Katie McMenemy Benjamin

Heather Ruddell, Parent, Toronto

Katherine Gingrich

Amber Szober, Parent

Daniel Roberts, Parent

Kirsty Pazek-Smith, Parent, Toronto

Andrew Smith, Parent, Toronto

Carmen Comtois RECE, Chelmsford

Rachel Mannen RECE, Vaughan

Nicole Appleton RECE

Danya Steel, Parent, Oakville

Kari-Lynn Behm, RECE, Guelph

Renata Klander - Parent - Burlington

Amir Ali Baig, RECE

Janine Buisman Wilcox- Parent, Guelph

Suzanne Billyard

Nataliya Holembyovska

Beth Barnes, Parent

Nathaniel Barnes, Parent

Meredith Selwood, Parent

Ryan Conacher, Parent

Maham Aamir, ECE Student 

Jennifer Lord-Rowan

Cathy Orr, RECE, Supervisor

Ralph Phillips, TDSB Teacher, Parent

Sarah Van Meer, ECA

Julie Grellette, Parent

Jade Gamble, RECE, Supervisor

Heather Dennhardt RECE, ECEC

Katie Hoekstra, OCDSB Teacher, Ottawa

Guadalupe Seoane, parent, Toronto

Emily Havercroft, parent, OCT

Darren Trumble, Parent

Rachael Aiken, Guelph

Joanne Quinn, RECE, Director

Sue Jennings, RECE, Director

Jodie Lawlor RECE, Ottawa

Kelly Hill, parent, Toronto

Corey Helm, RECE, Toronto

Candace Edwards

Shirley Todd- Supervisor, RECE, CDP

Steven Pellerin - Parent Ottawa

Jincy Abraham, Mother, Etobicoke

Janine Woehl, RECE, and Grandparent

Antonio Montes, Educator, Toronto

Lauren Goldsmith, RECE

Clodagh Moss, Stratford

Kristy MacDonald, Burlington

Jason Best, Burlington

E. Roosen-Runge

Deanna Collarile, Owner/Director

Aldo Collarile, Vice President

Ashley Azzopardi, RECE, Program Supervisor

Roger Brown, Cook

Ashley Henrich, RECE, Sr. Preschool

Sarah Seppard, Sr. Preschool 2

Nicole Albrecht, ECA, Toddler

Kasia Szelag Director approved, ECE, Sr. Preschool

Arshiya Bijlani, ECA, Toddler

Val Thirauram, ECA, Sr .preschool

Megan Rausch, RECE, Preschool

Samantha Hudson, RECE, Sr. Preschool

Stephanie De Couto, RECE, Preschool /Assistant Supervisor

Erin Cunningham, RECE, Toddler

Amelia Henderson, RECE, Infant

Ana Marie Kovacs, ECA, Preschool

Courtney VanGemert, RECE, Toddler

Sarah Sheppard, ECA, Sr. Preschool

Stephanie Pittman, ECA, Toddler room

Shauna Smith, ECA, Infant room

Rebecca Chissolm, ECA, Toddler room

Stephanie Watson, RECE, Preschool

Leighanna Berger, ECA, Infant Room

Robin Barrs, RECE, Toddler

Megan Rausch RECE Burlington

Mariuxi Gutierrez, RECE, Etobicoke 

Ashley Wesierski, RECE

Tracy Petersen, RECE

Lauren Price, parent

Marina DeVriendt, parent

Tracy Spence, RECE, Supervisor

Jennifer Hunter, RECE, Executive Director

Sarah Luchkanyn, RECE, Supervisor

Kimberly Boissoneault, Supervisor

Angela Garcia, RECE Assistant

Rose DesRochers

Andrea Cook MacDearmid, RECE/Assistant Supervisor, Etobicoke

Karen Griffith, RECE

Andrew & Amy Kiggundu, Niagara

Mei Burgin, Parent

Borjana Bjelanovic, RECE, Parent

Rachel Da Silva, ECE Student

Eric Mackey, RECE, Toronto

Dawn McGoldrick, Mother

Janneth Alcocer, RECE

Tina Do Kyung Lee, Mother and PhD Candidate, Toronto

Cassidy Taylor, R.E.C.E.

Martin Spencer, London

Denisa Argyo, supply ECE, Toronto

Deborah Charmley, RECE, AECEO.C

Georgina Whittaker, DECE

Shannon Daniele, RECE

Joanne Gundel, ECE student

Shirley Swanton, RECE, Newmarket

Grace De Angelis, RECE, Beeton, Ontario

Celine McCarthy-Beckett, Barrie, Montessori teaching diploma's, ECE, BA, Innisfil

Vivian Gagliano, parent, Toronto

Elizabeth Keller, ECA

Rebecca Horsman, parent, Waterloo

Marilyn Froats RECE

Hilary McArthur, Parent, Newmarket

Wanda Collins, RECE, AECEO,C., Executive Director, Thunder Bay

Tricia Watt, Local Union Representative and Human Rights Officer, TWU, USW Local Union 1944

Jenny Gilbert, parent, Toronto

Stephanie Allison, RECE 

Elly Smith, RECE, Assistant Director, Toronto

Candida Strang, RECE, Supervisor, Mississauga

Daniela Durisova, RECE, Executive Director

Tracy Gordon, parent, Hamilton

Erin O'Brien, RECE

Kendra Smith, Newmarket, parent

Allison Cormier, RECE, Supervisor, Crystal Beach

Katherina Radcliffe, parent

Stephanie Toulouse, ECE, RT

Cathy Romano-Franzese, RECE

Ruth Doherty, RECE

Carla Clifton-Brown, parent

Marium Ramzy, parent

Mirjana Anicin, RECE, Alderbuds,- Child Care Centre – Etobicoke

Rebecca King, parent, Richmond Hill

Duncan Ho, parent, Richmond Hill

Caitlin Bird, RECE, BA, Barrie

Anna Baranyi, ECE Student, Toronto

Patrick Grover and Stephanie Gower, parents, Toronto

Victoria MacDonald, RECE, Mississauga

Beigh Phakham

Sharon Gallagher, RECE, Toronto

Tamara Swanton, ECE Student, Newmarket

Eleni Vassilakos, RECE

Maggie Wang, parent, Scarborough

Dr. Klaas J. Kraay, Ryerson University, parent

Tracy Sherriff, RECE Hamilton

Shawna Charbonneau, RECE, Dryden

Sheryl Pontes, RECE

Sherine Hallak

Anastasia Bolgova, Parent, Guelph

Liam MacCarron, Grimsby

Melissa Reid, RECE

Kyle Bryant, Sibling

Emilie Borghese, RECE, New Hamburg

Rachel Morrison, parent

Bernadette Clarisse Pestano, RECE

Alyssa Keel, MSW, RSW, mother, Toronto

Nancy Ng, Parent

Fang Liu, RECE

Robin P. Clement, HBA (Psy.)

Dan Watson, parent

Lisa Rundle, parent

Martina Ross, RECE

Carol Schwartz, parent

Bev Veerman

Candice DeWeerd, RECE, Kitchener

Mary Mitches RECE, BA

Corinne Love, parent, Hamilton

Steven Campbell, RECE, Assistant Supervisor

Dennielle Lacroix, RECE

Eugema Ings RECE, AECEO.C, Murillo

Samantha Derry, RECE

Rob Zimmer RECE, Toronto

Jessica A Radford, RECE, Assistant Director, Toronto

Pam Hartford

Thuy Vu, ECA, ECE Student

Nana Tang, RECE

Heather Robson, parent, Toronto

Valerie Ellis, RECE

Shelly McDonald, RECE, Toddler Room in Orangeville

Cindy King, RECE

Wendy Turner, RECE

Simone Haughton, RECE

Leslie Solonik, RECE, Cambridge

Jessica Jordan, parent & OCT Teacher

Alex Wade, parent & lawyer

Sandra Hopkins, RECE

Stacy Randell, RECE 

Lisa Phyllis

Jolene Palacios Ortega, RN and parent

Nadine Blum

Sara Sirtonski, RECE, OCT, Peterborough

Mrs. RJ MacFarlane

Geoff and Kelsy McIntosh, parents, Newmarket

John and Deb Crowell, grandparents, Bothwell

Ray and Addair, retired school teachers, Etobicoke

Maritza Machado, RECE, ECEC

David Bilan 

Natasha Lemoire, RECE, Ottawa

Sonia Boonstra, grandparent

Michael Boonstra, grandparent

Emily Boonstra, parent

Ann Gillespie RECE, AECEO.C, Peterborough

Meghan Kearns, RECE and parent

Louise Menzies

Lindsay Manansala, RECE, Toronto

Melodie Spencer, BA, RECE, AECEO.C

Morgan Mensch, RECE

Amy Emmerton - RECE, AECEO C.

D'Arcy Stewardson, RECE

Darcy Serroul, OCT

Danielle Vander Kolk, RECE, Manager Grimsby

Hailey Epifano RECE and parent, Hamilton

Dr. Winnie Shuit - Parent, Waterloo

Deborah Noble. RECE and parent, Guelph

Amanda Coutts, RECE, Kitchener

Ann Valentini, Mother and Grandmother

Courtney James, RECE

Galina Semeryk, RECE, SEEDS Childcare, Barrie

Danielle Cloutier, EA and parent

Michelle Garcia, RECE

Hanaa Habashy, RECE, Mississauga

Felicia Marino, RECE, Toronto

Nicole Ielasi, RECE, GTA

Michelle Garcia, RECE

Kelly Prieur, concerned parent

Sarah Gallagher

David Gallagher

Amber Yared

Teri Jones

Sarah Parkin Saunders, Barrie

Brittaney Westerby, RECE

Melissa Denyes, parent

Madeleine Skoggard, parent, Toronto

Liisa McInnis, BA, BEd, Teacher and Parent in London

Rebecca Landy, parent

Laura McCarthy, parent, Oakville

Amanda Davidson, RECE

Maureen Riggin

Jessica Austen, Windsor

Marcy Ferraro, RECE, B.Ed.

Teresa MacDonald, Parent first, concerned citizen

Priya Krishna, Montessori educator

Joanne Armstrong, Supervisor Ignace

Yvonne Dungey/Roberts, RECE, Ignace

Lillian Harris, Program Assistant, Ignace

Gwen Andrews, Fill-in staff, Ignace

Carol S Krismer

Erica Clyens-Nagy, RECE, Peterborough

Robert Pellerin, grandfather

Shannon Kritsch, ECE student

Shirley Miltenburg, RECE, Program Supervisor

Lisa Di Franco, RECE

Denine Cairns, RECE

Megumi Yoo, RECE, Toronto

Katie Gerber, Child, Youth and Family student

Diane Abele. RECE. '83

Alexandra Whitford, RECE, Georgetown

Melissa Marchese, mother

Stephanie Barton, RECE

Soon Ki Lee, RECE 

Alison Brownrigg, ECE student, Oakville

Jonathan Earle, parent

Delma Gaffney, RECE

 Nicole Heer, ECE student

Tricia Lahde

Antje Bruck, RECE

Delia Panameno RECE, Assistant Director

Brian Singleton, child care board member

Catarina Deanovic, graduating ECE student

Janet Clayton, RECE, Ottawa

Diana Campbell, Parent, Toronto

Julie Spiteri, graduating ECE student

Jennifer Curwood, RECE

April Young, RECE, Ottawa

Matthew Taylor, ECE student

Salwa Zahra

Bianca Schiavone ECA, future RECE

Nice Parselias, ECE student

Nadine Tessier, parent

Fay Verveniotis, Education Assistant

Todd Aitchison, parent

Jenny Doyle 

Kim Everett, parent and child care board member 

Tracy Saarikoski, BA, RECE, AECEO.C, Executive Director

Sarah Laurin

Deborah Warner, RECE

Reverend Donald Ralph, child care board member, Hamilton

Lisa Peacock, RECE, Hamilton

Monica Findlay, Lasalle

Amy Taus, RN, MN

Lisa Green,  RECE

Kim Cullen, RECE, Executive Director 

Kim Page, RECE, Supervisor, Burlington

Anna Atadzhanyan, RECE

Laurel Slattery

Fiona Olivier, RECE, Ottawa

Leanna Alicandri, Vaughn

Kristin Lloyd, RECE

Abigail Friendly, PhD and parent, Toronto

Erin Acker, RECE

Kim Challenger, Supervisor, Whitney Child Centre

Judy Pettypiece RECE, Windsor, Ontario

Janet Foster, RECE

Malgorzata Bandosz, RECE, Assist.Director,Mississauga 

Yun-Fan Lee, ECE Student, Peterborough

Jacquie Ross, RECE

Tina Leckie

Ashley Daley, Director of Finance & Administration, Peterborough

Karyn Hale, RECE

Jessica Bonsma. RECE, Mississauga

Stephanie Jones, RECE, Assistant Supervisor, Sarnia

Maria Mendez, RECE, OCT

Liane Regendanz, Toronto

Caroline Joyce, RECE

Vasanthi R., E.C.A

Laura Holloway, RECE

Margaret Bandosz , RECE, Assistant Director 

Chen Arbel, Toronto, Parent

Dorothy A. Knight, Stratford, ON

Brenda Robertson, President Ontario Council, CFUW VP Ontario, Canadian Federation of University Women

Ashley Brown RECE

Hugo Navarro, Parent, Chair, Palmerston Community Daycare

Bonnie Tran, RECE, Toronto, Ontario

Ilan Saragosti, MSW, RSW (Social Worker), Parent, Toronto, Ontario

Patricia Pellerin, Grandmother, Ottawa

Carrie Prisque, RECE, Lively Ontario

Katie Swinwood

Kelly-Anne Maddox, Ph.D., Ottawa, ON

Lucia Shao, CPA, CGA, Parent, Richmond Hill

Carol Page-Heyding, ECEC, Retired Faculty Member, ECE- Seneca College

Sandra E. Ings, R.E.C.E

Stacey Martinson RECE, New Parent, Hamilton, ON

Gayle Reece, RECE

Erina Gritti, Registered Practical Nurse

Rose B. Singh, Parent

Samantha Persuad, RECE

Cora Burns, RECE, St. Thomas

Brenda Lee, RECE

Tiffany Lynch, Russell, ON

Lisa Walker, Parent, Brooklin, Ontario

Linda Chabot, ECE, Etobicoke, Ontario

Sarah Slatter, ECE Student, Burlington, Ontario

Kathryn Maslowski, Parent & Childcare Centre board member

Katheryne Schulz, parent

Amanda Meloche, Parent, Windsor, ON 

Alison Gittens, RECE

Andrea Hardy, RECE, parent

Carol Stewart, Parent, Grandparent, Etobicoke

John Stewart, Parent, Grandparent, Etobicoke

Natasha Buda, RECE, BAA ECL (C)

Audrey, Parent, Mississauga

Julia Stewart, Parent, Etobicoke

Tracy Golding, RECE, Supervisor

Colin Stewart, Parent, Etobicoke

Ciaran McGeown, Parent

Jennifer O’Neill, Board Member with Emmanuel at Brighton Child Care Centre

Sunita Mistry, Parent, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Manish Morzaria, Parent, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Neil Stewart, RECE, Etobicoke

Katrina Slingerland, RECE

Gayle  Parkinson, RECE, RT, Hamilton, Ontario

Tara Metcalfe, parent

Jacqueline Voorberg, RECE 

Tatiana Czuchnowsky, Parent, Toronto

David Thomas, Parent, Toronto

Farzaneh Mashhadian, Parent 

Hadi Fazli, Parent

Miranda Zeppieri, RECE, Peterborough, ON 

Nicole Raposo, RECE

Victoria Henriques-Campoli, Parent, Vaughan, Ontario,

Ngoc Pham, RECE

Samantha Rose, Kitchener, Ontario

Jessica Dempsey, RECE, Ottawa

Melissa Zsogon, Mother, RECE, Supervisor

Daniel Smedley, Northbrook, IL

Paula Morales, RECE, Toronto, ON

Meghan McCrone, Parent

Kelly Birch-Baker, RECE, AECEO-C

Elizabeth Wallace, Supervisor, Parent, Niagara Falls

Mary Foss, Parent, Ottawa

Shelena Garrick, Concerned Parent

Stephani Caceres-Rojas

Lourdes Ardanuy, Parent, ECE Student

Hannah Brownell, ECE Graduate 2016

Meaghan Adams, Concerned Parent

Tiffany Quendt, Parent of a preschooler, Toronto

Julie Bersche Glover, RECE, Centre Director, Ajax

Christina Sitko RECE Program Supervisor & Parent

Yasmin Kanani, RECE, student

Valerie Robinson Griffin, RECE

Laurie Penner, RECE

Julien Mitchell, RECE

Vitina Filiberto-Sudama

Marisa Cecile, RECE

Angie Giles, RECE

Anna Lapinska RECE

Karine Beauchamp

Deanna Torney, RECE, Milton

Florence Salwach, RECE

Jessica Radford

Andrew Bayliss, parent

Rachelle Mac Sweeney, King, parent

Garrett Mac Sweeney, King, parent

Melissa Lavigne, First year ECE student

Masami Pandit, RECE, Assistant Supervisor

Gillian D’Souza, RECE

Karen Brown, RECE, SSW, BA, Director/Directrice

Janet Libbey, RECE, Ottawa

Jean Oja, RECE, Kingston

Lori St Clair, BA, RECE, RT

Kathleen Skillen, RECE

Melissa Power, RECE, Windsor

Courtney Lewis, RECE and mother

Lynda Chau Briggs, Kitchener

Pauline Lee

Pauline Lee, RECE, Montessori Early Childhood Teacher in training, Toronto

Emily Turco, RECE

Flavie Solignac

Kendra Weiser, RECE, Toronto

Kirby Bennett, parent & OCT certified, Strathroy

Chris Traczuk, parent, Strathroy

Dixie Hughes, grandparent, Strathroy

Kara Beaupre RECE

Jessica Logan, parent, London

Cera Quinn

Nicole Benoit

Kayla Kawecki, parent

Theresa Rauchberger

Maylissa Earl, RECE, Ottawa

Ana Akrapovic, RECE, Mississauga

Nicole Fleming RECE, Richmond Hill

Launa LaChapelle, RECE & parent 

Jennifer Chin, Montessori Early Childhood Teacher in Training

Jenna Markell, parent & former child care employee

Erica Craig, RECE

Anisha Jamal-Cadena, RECE and parent

Sharmeen Abeysinghe RECE

Sanka Abeysinghe Parent

Nasim Bhanji Grandparent

Zahur Bhanji Grandparent 

Ngan Kim Dao, RECE

Rebecca Carson, Parent, Brooklin

Dave Carson, Parent, Brooklin

Kausar khanum RECE

Joanna Goudaras RECE, Toronto

Amy-Elizabeth Graveline, RECE

Elizabeth Pilz RECE

Kayla Vecchio RECE

Samantha Hogan, RECE

Dr. Jessica Carfagnini, ND, parent

Catherine Burns RECE, Brantford Little School

Christiane Bertrand, RECE

Cynthia Gervais, RECE

Michelle Altmid, BA, RECE

Angel G. Graham, RECE, MSW, RSW 

Brenda Walkoski RECE, AECEO.C, Thunder Bay

Jennifer Barnes, parent

Sara St. Jarre, RECE

Sara Gerber, RECE

Arlene Ross, Executive Director

Julie Barnes

Jennifer Comeau, Waterloo

Brandi Bender RECE, Kingston

Christina Corsetti, RECE, Program Supervisor

Karen Robinson, RECE

Sherri Cole, RECE

Sarah Andrews, parent, London

Munizah Salman, RECE, Toronto

Tammy Horton, RECE, Welland

Lori Prospero, CAE, Executive Director

Frank Prospero, parent

Rasha Mourtada, Parent

David Henderson, Parent and Board President, Wellesley

Spring Hill RECE, AECEO.C, Scotland Ontario

Huimin Zhou, RECE, Mississauga

Julia Kazakova, Concerned Parent of two

Joclyn Taylor, RECE, B.Ed

Heidi Angel, RECE

Pamela Valenzuela, RECE, Woodbridge

Duncan Watt, Parent, child care owner, Burlington

Jennifer Ladurantaye

Marilyn Biernanskie

Michael Lombardi, Parent 

Celeste, EA, St. Mark's Child Care, Woodbridge

Serina Cooper, RECE, Toronto

Charlotte Miller, RECE, Quinte

Brandie Cole-Velluso. RECE Fairview childcare centre

Donna Bailey

Cecilia DeRoche, RECE 

Kelsey Ferguson

Laura Arangio, Parent, Toronto

Denise Joanna Mendoza Canso, Toronto, Ontario

Kathryn Lewis, Assistant, Newmarket

Rebecca Witzel, RECE 

Joy Michalopoulos, RECE, Ryerson University

Michelle Halstead, Courtice, Ontario

Priscille Fallis, Parent, Francophone de Brantford

Nicole Coppaway, Parent

Denise Currie, Daycare Director, Trenton

Wendy McDonell

Mary Joy Mantzios, Mother

Yanfeng Cheng, Parent

Nina Miller, RECE

Sarah Soderstrom, RECE, Etobicoke

Izabela Muzzin

Linda Lowe, RECE, Director

Monique Ecroyd, ECE Student, Ottawa

Nicole Martins, RECE


Al Karim Daya

Anita Legault, RECE, Ottawa

Marjorie Axford Couch, RECE, AECEO. C, Ottawa

Breanne Luciani

Luisa Valencia, RECE at Plasp child care centre

Berta E. Rodriguez-Milla, Parent

Erik Schnetter, Parent

Katherine A, Mother, Nurse

Salima Alam-Hafeez RECE, B.Ed.

Kerri Neville-Langlois

Ximena David, Parent

Andriani Papadopoulos, RECE

Marcia Laporte, R.E.C.E.

Jun Gao, Parent

Lizette Zuniga, ECE

Anita Latour, RECE

Greg Szober

Friday Bailey

Stephen Brooke

Michele Kempster, B.A.Sc., RECE, Childcare Manager

Christine Keefe, RECE, Director

Megan Ramsey, Parent and RECE, Mississauga

Monique Sirois Kelly

Tammy Grawbarger, RECE, Triple P Practitioner, Sault Ste Marie

Cathy Power, RECE, Barrie

Jeanette Da Costa, RECE

Kelly Holloway, parent

Deb Guthrie, concerned citizen

Anita Don, RECE

Marilyn Grudniski, Thunder Bay

Donna Hawthorne-Donnelly, RECE

Elise Larsen, OCT

Marilyn Eschelbacher, RECE

Lisa Erickson, RECE, Child Care Supervisor

Cristina Bianchi, Early Childhood Studies Student

Derek Dean, Parent, Chair of an Early Years Daycare

Jennifer Burt, RECE

Michele Charbonneau, ECE equivalent, retired, Grandparent

Dori Cross, RECE

Milen Alemayehu, RECE

Erin Iles, Toronto

Novea Lawson, Supervisor

Marc Peverini, Vice President

Tammy Mitchell, Writer, Busy mom of 4, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

Maria Sousa, ECE, Toronto, Ontario

Jessica Tomas B.A., RECE, University of Toronto ELC

Phyllis DeLuca, RECE, Parent

Jade Armstrong, RECE

Shannon Neil, RECE 

Ana Popescu

Mary Giles, RECE

Christine Le Clarie, RECE

Nicole Dunn, RECE

Farrah Bourre

Raymond Maleszyk, Grandparent

Norah Maleszyk, RECE

Arlene Williams. RECE

Rebecca Vosper, RECE, ECRT

Karen Beardwood Fedun, R.E.C.E., Welland, Ontario

Paula Pereira, RECE 

Sandra Vieira, RECE, Executive Director

Gillian Hemingway, R.E.C.E., Program Supervisor

Leah Cunningham, RECE

Shelly Grenier, RECE, Parent, Welland, Ontario

Emily Danziger, Director Approved Early Childhood Educator.

Taylor Summers

Bardha Rrahmani, RECE

Dayne Pilgrim, Husband, Parent, President/CEO, Maple

Erum Somani Assistant Supervisor, R.E.C.E

Tammy Quilty, RECE

Alison Kilbourn, Parent of Two

Cheryl Mills, RECE

Linda Villafranco, RECE, Mississauga. Ont.

Kyle Smith, RECE

Sherry Caserta

Tiina Rideout, RECE

Nicole Mattina Brás

Ruby Del Mundo, RECE

Neda Nasheri, Parent, PhD and MSc Microbiology

Erin Williams, RECE

Teresa Yeh

BethAnn Meloche, RECE, Kingsville, Ontario

Chera Longston, Volunteer Board Member/parent

Haynalka M. Peter, RECE, Newmarket, Ontario

Vasanthini Yogalingam, B.A, ECE Student

Lianne Severino, RECE

Elyssa Marks, RECE MEd, Retired Resource Educator Toronto Children's Services

Mandy Chan, RECE

Victoria White, Burlington, Ontario

Ashley Thomas, RECE, Peekaboo Supervisor

Shauna Smith, ECE

Paul Santoro, Parent

Vanessa Giles, ECE

Eva Schausberger

Amy Gibson, RECE

Brenda Cowing, RECE, Aurora Ontario

Brandi Reil, RECE, Parent

Jan Naylor, Grandparent

Ghazal (Gisele) Azizi, ECE Student

Tyler Myers, Parent

Katrina Macri, Daycare Supervisor, Preschool Teacher

Centre, Brantford, Ontario

Andrea Milroy, Parent, Newmarket 

Tiziana Ciccone, RECE, President

Liana Ciccone, Admisitrator

Mary Cuch

Rosalia Del Monte, RECE

Grace Huang, RECE

Jenny Kang, RECE

Kim Chan, RECE

Michelle Hall, RECE

Snez M, RECE

Helen Zhang, RECE

Linda Gong

Sunny Li, RECE

Daphne Huang, RECE

Vanessa Meija

Erica Tan

Christy Yeom, RECE

Sabrina Mathews, RECE

Angeline Shing, RECE

Francesca Bartella

Janet Whelan

Carol Chan, RECE

Selina Wong

Joanna Woo, RECE

Oyangka Ou

June Schappert, RECE, Toronto

Nosheen Mark, ECE Student

Christie Saikaly, RECE, Program Supervisor

Karen Manning

Rose Charron, RECE

Syeda Abidi,RECE

Melanie Bulbrook, RECE

Katie Cadorette, Ottawa

Cindy Chan Lenart, Child Community Worker, RECE, Parent

Sandy Burchill, RECE

Joan McCuaig, RECE, Newington Ontario

Shannon Sveda, MA, RECE, School of Education, Sheridan College

Erin Moir, Concerned Parent

Rebecca Dionne, RECE

Paola Suppa Harris, RECE, Aurora

Candice Pouliotte, Parent, Ottawa, Ontario 

Krista Campbell-Merriam, ECE, Toronto

Hilary Salmon, RECE, Peterborough

Shawn Pinto, Parent, Toronto

Catrin Morris, Cook

Alanna Coombs, Mother

Paul Coombs, Father

Donna Quinn, RECE, Home Visitor

Karen Henderson, Parent, Ottawa

Janis Leney, Parent, BA, RECE, Ottawa

Madeeha Sheikh, RECE

Lavinia Jula, Parent, Oakville, Ontario

Natasha Simpson, RECE, Thunder Bay

Sarah Herd, parent

Leanne Hoppin, RECE,

Kitty Fong and Owen Manning, Parents, Richmond Hill, ON

Jessica Bell, Parent, Markham

Valerie Marsh, RECE, Ottawa, On

Adrienne Ross, RECE

Golshan Kahi

Margot Heaton, Mother, PhD in Education, Vice-Principal

Debbie King, Early Childhood Assistant, Oakville, Ontario

Catherine Shintani, RECE

Jeevitha Srinivasan, RECE

Parissa Laghaee, Administrator, North York

Lisa Hall - Parent, Thunder Bay

Kevin Craig- Parent, Thunder Bay

Monica Dempsey, RECE

Mandeep Dosanjh, ECA, Brampton

Keith Reyes, RECE, Toronto

Michelle Arbus, Parent, Toronto

Zakia Sultana, R.E.C.E

Lynn Chiu, RECE

Justine Bondoc, RECE, Mississauga

Mandy Brandt, RECE, Waterloo

Kali Richardson, RECE, Orillia

Kevin Tegosh, RECE, General Manager/Supervisor, Sault Ste Marie

Marcela Butlin, RECE, Director, London

Rita Renaud, RECE, Director, Ottawa

Marie Pageau Handfield, RECE C

Shailja Jain, Early Childhood Leadership Student, Toronto

Jennifer Allen, RECE, M.Ed, B.SocSc, Halton

Nabanita Ray 

Ellen Tkachenko, Parent, Toronto

Kate Carradine RECE, CCW 

Alyssa Stanley, RECE, home child care provider

Iren Telemi RECE

Brannan Bajkiewicz RECE, Thunder Bay

Miriam Wiegers, Parent, Toronto

Peter Zambito, Parent, Toronto

Stacey Nawroski, ECVC, RECE, Timmins

Dana K Godin, Parent, Etobicoke

Christy Trojner, RECE

Kathryn McNeely, Parent, Whitby

Nicole Ravensbergen, RECE

Nicole Ravensbergen, Graduating ECE student

Kristen Audet, RECE

Alicia De La Hamaide, RECE, parent, Windsor

Antje Bruck, RECE, Burlington

Rose Dimitrova, Parent, Etobicoke

Suzette Charles RECE, Acting Supervisor, Toronto

Karen Eilersen, RECE, Director

Diane Medeiros, RECE, Hamilton

Ariella Folman, RECE, Early Childhood Consultant, Toronto

Melissa Lujan, concerned parent

Ella Barlow, RECE, Toronto

Tina Smigielski, RECE, Director

Lindsey Dann , RECE, Thunder Bay

Shelley Gillard, Parent, Milton

Pamela Neath, parent, RECE

Brittaney Westerby, RECE

Olivia Forbes, RECE

Anne Bloomer, graduating ECE student, Kitchener

Chrystal Lott, RECE

Barbara Kukulski, RECE and Parent

Molly Mcgill, RECE

Irena Duka, RECE

Amy Lam, RECE

Krista Mannella, RECE, Niagara Falls

Dawn Goodwin, RECE, Director, Brooklin

Kelechi Akobundu

Jen Deck and Marcus Elia, teachers

Anna Cosentino, ECA

Robin Taradan, Mother, Brampton

Diana Cotaras, Toronto

Sharon Delaney

Ivan Sherry

Candice Hillis  RECE, Thunder Bay

Leann Ramsay RECE and parent

Kate Starr, Whitby ON, Parent

Sharon Delaney, Montessori teacher, mother, grandmother

Hope Chambers, OCT, parent and teacher, Smiths Falls

Gabriel Plene, parent, Toronto

Melissa Hull, RECE, Supervisor

Debbie Kindler RECE (Retired)

Yoli Yatziv, RECE

Megan Willoughby, RECE, Guelph 

Priscilla Prue RECE

Mary Anne Ritacca ECA

Lindsey Hartung RECE

Joanne Ewing, RECE, Newmarket

Kylie Currie, RECE

Penelope Chortogiannos, RECE

Ember Roberge, RECE

Suzanne Allison

Allison Martin, RECE, Strathroy

Michelle Sbrissa, RECE

Eunyoung Park, RECE, Toronto

Heather Brown Fortington, RECE

Dan Werstuk

Krista Elzinga-Hetesi, ECE, Powassan 

Christine Hess, Parent

Barb Parkes

Tricia Rae RECE

Jolene MacDonald Szabo

Eugema Ings RECE, AECEO.C, Murillo

Natasha Mitchell, parent

Dana Burke RECE

Nicole Grove, parent

Angela Baker, Oshawa

Tina Thompson, RECE, Courtice

Jana Philipp, ECE Student, Kitchener

Marja-Leena Stott

Bethany Hartin, RECE

Dinah Murdoch, Kitchener Waterloo

Colleen Trask, parent

Tanya Worsley, parent

Crystal Rye RECE

Michelle Sauder, RECE

Liza Luu, parent

Ashley Williams, parent

Leif Madsen, Parent, Caledon, Ontario

Kathleen Daneluk, RECE B&A program, Hamilton ont

Michael Carr, Parent, Ottawa

Catherine Camilleri, Supervisor, Brantford

Nathalie Scully, ECE, Early Literacy Specialist, Algoma District

Janet Schultz, R.E.C.E.

Robyn Brake, parent

Chrystal Morden RECE, AECEO.C, Assistant Director, Triple P Facilitator, Superior Children’s Centre

Lamine Sylla, Kanata, ON

Trisha Holloway, Parent

Olesya Hidulyanova, Parent

Jennifer Terpstra, Concerned Parent

Chloe Martin, RECE

Angela Humphrey RECE

Sutapa Chattopadhyay, Parent

Heather Ruch, Grandmother

Steve Stasiuk, Parent

Maria Civita Vennare, H.BA, RECE

Debbie Buhrow, ECE student and parent

Wendy Belle, RECE, Mississauga

Rob Green, Concerned Parent

Annie Li, RECE, Toronto
Shaheen Huq, RECE, Toronto
Wendy Madhlom, RECE, infant room plains road  child care

Deborah Noble. R.E.C.E., Parent  Guelph, Ontario

Jennifer du Plessis B.A., RECE 

Rebecca Cada, ECA

Carolyn Gray, RECE, Sharon, ON

Monica Hoyle, Educator

Leila Nagy RECE, AECEO.C

Lisa Burkhardt, RECE

Janice Boyd

Amy Fraser, RECE, Supervisor/Program Director, Barrie

Valerie March RECE

Nate & Kate Denig, Stratford, Ontario

Priscilla Parodi, RECE, B.A

Kaitlin Webber, Soon-to-be first time parent, Brampton, ON,

Scott Bell

Kelly Richards, RECE Mississauga

Katie Elder, parent, Kitchener-Waterloo

Geraldine Vida Soverano, RECE, Ottawa

Pietro Tromba

Stephanie Laderoute, parent, Brampton, Ontario

Mieke Nicholson, RECE

Verona Carnegie-Darku OCT, B.Ed, B.A, RECE, Assistant Supervisor

Kathleen Boyd - RECE

Rita Miltchev, Parent, Brooklin, Ontario

Carolyn Bird, Manager of Garside Day Care Centre Inc.

Jessica Finch, OCT, Hamilton, ON

Vicky Singmin, Parent

Kathleen Power, BMT-MTA, Music Therapist

Aislinn Schwartz, RECE

Lois Saunders, RECE, Ancaster, Ontario

Tina Stefina, RECE, Blenheim, Ontario

Megan Myke, Graduating ECE Student

Pamela A Gutierrez, RECE, Special Needs Resource Teacher

Jason Walter, Parent

Jessica Gomez, RECE

Karen Guthrie, RECE

Felicia D’Elia, RECE

Lynn Miller, parent

Laura Kuik, RECE, Thorold, ON

Gail Pennington, President, Board of Directors of Silver Creek Pre-School for Children with Special Needs

Heather Piggott, RECE, Toronto

Melanie Voll, RECE, Komoka, Ontario

Ros Garcia

Maren Cronin, RECE, London

Ashley Hilkewich, parent 

Jennifer Spiteri, concerned young adult, worried for the future generation of children.

Debbie Bergson

Kandace Harrison, RECE

Pat Kierstead, RECE

Lorena Arias, RECE, Toronto, ON

Tracey Tackaberry, RECE

Melissa Anderson, parent, Owen Sound

Lana Crompton R.E.C.E., Assistant Director, Brooklin

Chris and Cristina Fowler, Parents and Elementary School Teachers

Beth Nathaniel, Classroom Therapy Assistant, Etobicoke, Ontario

Susan Slezak Kawa, Executive Director, Silver Creek Pre-School

Sarah Ibbotson-Tamlin, Lindsay, Ontario

Sholeh Bagheri, ACEA, child care giver

Paula Meissner, Concerned Parent

Joyce Minten, RECE

Chenice Papp, RECE, Helping Hands Childcare Centre, Infant Room Staff

Jameelah Buchanan, ECE Student

Casandra Bucco, RECE, RE, Toronto

Ashley Lopez, RECE

Caron Beardall

Minsoon Choi, Parent, Toronto, ON

Amy Smith RECE 

Cynthia Loch-Drake

Beth Laidlaw, RECE, Eden Daycare, Mississauga, Ontario.

Lenore Brooks

Marie-Josée Baril ÉPEI/RECE, Le Ballon Rouge Brantford

Vienna Johnstone, Concerned parent, Windsor, Ontario

Tina Madore, RECE, Sudbury

Tabitha Lang, RECE at Compass Early Learning & Care. 

Amber Taylor, Parent

Emma Marshman, RECE, Toronto

Flora Fahr

Judy Sloan

Teresa Fysh, Parent

Joanne Brooks, RECE

Lesley Antle, OCT

Anne Craig, RECE, Fenelon Langton Childcare Centre, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Kylie Lott, RECE

Bhavini Patel, Ryerson ECE Student

Simone Russelburn, RECE, Owner of We Hire for Child Care, Scarborough

Susan Sweet, ECE

Manal al-Mamoori, ECE
Gwyneth Mitchell

Shanda Licop, RECE

Coline Trinetti RECE, Dover Centre

Jennifer Trenbeth RECE, Parent

Cathy Kaitting RECE, Little Current

Cheryl Gallant RECE

Mary Peters-Clay


Ariadna Ojeda-Hourie RECE and concerned parent

Vyann Perry RECE

Ruth Castellanos RECE

Paula Meissner, Parent, Toronto

Sumaia Malek, RECE, Toronto

Sonia Holden, RECE Burlington

Melissa T-k

Terry Willemsvandyk, RECE, RT/EI

Lotus Chong

Carolyn Brierley

Brittany King, 4th Year ECS Student

Lisa Seenarine, RECE and Early Childhood Studies Student, Toronto

Cristina Lourenco, Early Childhood Studies Student, Toronto

Kristine Singh, Early Childhood Studies Student, Toronto

Darlene Sasseville , RECE/parent

Sylvia Leung, Administrator, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Gerry Topolniski, Parent/Grandparent/Retired Educator

Heather Watts, parent, Ottawa, ON. 

Dana Trumble, Parent

Derya Guler, RECE

Paula Almeida-Stille, BA, RECE

Rike Burkhardt, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Julie Johnston, RECE

Jennifer McDonald, Concerned Parent

Sarah Goldman, RECE, Instructor at Georgian College, Owen Sound

Julie Johnston 

Nicola Fairweather, Parent, RECE, Executive Director

Angela DerKrikorian RECE

Fazila DeGroot, RECE

Lee Anne Bean, Director, Bridlewood Learning Centre, Kanata, Ontario 

Jasveen Badhan

Kathryn McDonald, parent and ECE

Melanie Yearington, RECE

Sarah Guerrero

Michelle Gulston, R.E.C.E., Executive Director at Dunlace Children's Centre

Lindsay Johnston, Parent, Administrative Assistant, London Health Sciences Centre

Simeon Kanev, parent, Mississauga

Anthea Moreau, RECE, Supervisor, Selwyn CCC

Jessica Murray

Rosanna Mardegan

Shelly Gordon, Parent

Gilda Clarke, Mississauga

Tara Kainer, Kingston

Melanie Battaglia, concerned parent

Kelsey Scotcher, ECE student at Sheridan College

Laura Arney, RECE, Compass Early Learning and Care, Lindsay Ont.

Jude Topolniski, Parent, Lindsay Ontario

Shelly Murdoch, RECE, Parent, Ottawa ON

Caterina Wilson, R.ECE

Daniel Armiss RECE, OCT, Burlington Ontario

Danielle Faber, RECE 

Shannon Taylor

Megan Sheremata, PhD student and mom

Allyson Booth, Registered Midwife, Parent of an 11 month-old, Toronto, ON

Amber A., Parent

Deidra Berthiaume, RECE

Marsha Matson, Lindsay

Christine Courneyea, RECE

Lauralee Jamison Peck, RECE, Rockcliffe Child Care Center, Ottawa Ontario

Amanda Fitzgibbon

Chantelle Howorth, Daughter and friend of assistants, Whitby, Ontario

Stella Kostopoulos, Parent, Vaughn

Roula Porcelli, Principal, Petite Maison Montessori School

Grace Ferreira, RECE, Campus Co-operative community Daycare

Isa Culmone, Director/ Owner at Together We Grow Learning and Childcare Centre

Johanna Proceviat

Sara Sarkar, parent

Anna Marie Fallone, RECE

Lauren Rossi, Parent, Speech-Language Pathologist

Katherine Zavitz, Parent

Ashley McKay, Parent

James Wallace, Parent of 2 children, Newmarket Ontario
Tracy Lennon, RECE

Senny Tan, RECE

Sue Winter- Board of Directors of a daycare/parent

Dianne Garrett

Crystal Lambkin

Gillian Grace, parent

James Davies, parent

Pilar Alvarez, RECE

Tara Prohaszka, Teacher, Parent

Steve Mason, Parent

Cindy Borda, R.E.C.E

Shylah Vollans RECE preschool room FDC YMCA

Mike Waddington RECE

Karmen Mak

Christina Beetlestone, Parent

Jessica Henning, ECE student, Courtice

Janet Lichty RECE Wellesley, Ontario

Heidi Lacroix

Colleen Flannery-Elmhirst R.E.C.E, Supervisor, N.Y.A.D. Progress

Jennifer Fenn, RECE

Aisha Moore, Sheridan College ECE Student

Keely McLellan, RECE, Sarnia, Ontario

Lynn Lewis, BASc, RECE, Executive Director of McNicoll Avenue Child Care Program

Jocelyne De Romana, Parent

Phyllis Gordon, Grandmother

Andrew Brown

Janette Wall, Parent

Patricia Herd, Grandparent

Haidi Morales, ECS student, Toronto

Christine Hess, Parent

Barb Parkes

Tricia Rae RECE

Jolene MacDonald Szabo

Eugema Ings RECE, AECEO.C, Murillo

Natasha Mitchell, parent

Dana Burke RECE

Nicole Grove, parent

Angela Baker, Oshawa

Tina Thompson, RECE, Courtice

Jana Philipp, ECE Student, Kitchener

Marja-Leena Stott

Bethany Hartin, RECE 

Dinah Murdoch, Kitchener Waterloo

Colleen Trask, parent

Tanya Worsley, parent

Crystal Rye RECE

Michelle Sauder, RECE

Liza Luu, parent

Ashley Williams, parent

Fatima Muhaysin

Thuy Linh Vuong

Marta Masnyi

Justine Coll

Sue Wilson

Maria Warunkiewicz

Mina Hong

Sophie Rosnick

Hollis McGowan

Elise Fullerton

Sue Sorenson

Brian Huang

Palvasha Normohamad

Joanne Duong

Zoe White

Rhydima Deshpande

Joy Evans

Ericka Sagastume

Rachel Berman

Martha Anapliotis

Sara Marlowe

Keith Marlowe

Shannon Sveda

Heather Rollwagen

Gillian Rossi

Marni Binder

Arin Renaud

Hawra Almohsin

Sam Fung

Bhavneet Brar

Tara Schnarr

Justine Lee

Amarpreet Dhami

Revathi Varatharajan

Sima Kasiri-Motlagh

Khaula Mian

Trisha Naraine

Tamy Suen

Wendy Balfour

Kiran Latala

Odessa Yee

Annie Banh

Julia Di Benedetto

Jessica Potestio

Creig Treloar

Jonathon Hodge

Nikki Hardy

Shohreh Kasiri-Motlagh

Jajiba Chowdhury

Abbey Naar

Michelle Jones

Sahar Kasiri-Motlagh

Despina Alexopoulos

Fatemah Alibrahim

Myrah Pasha

Kenneth Mack

Vanessa Kotiadis

Zara Ahmad

Alicia Sotirakos

Richelle Pangindian

Sabrina Coutinho

Richelle Pangindian

Michelle Pangindian

Victoria Holz

Michelle Bui

Stephanie Walker

Charmaine Nielsen

Hannah Tan

Sareena Rajarethnam

Jessica Smith

Jenn6 Lam

Jacqueline Da Costa

janette zhao

Diane Klynchyk

Angela De La Cruz

Andrea Donnell

Emily Jamieson

Andrea Torres

Nadia Ahmed

Sultana Patwary

Bhavini Patel

Fazeeda Shamshuddin

Jessica Su

David Shaw

Liliana Martins

Valeria Mendez

Hussain Patwary

Noemifeb Marquez

Christine Baguindo

Brittany Jakubiec

Lubomyr Stasyszyn

Stella Kim

induja indrakumar

Amanda Haines, Bowmanville

Anna DiPietro

Kristy Miller, Parent to a 2 year Toddler, BA, B.Ed

Kathryn Bernst

Cleimore Perdon

Marlene Connolly, RECE

Nancy Dingwall, RECE

Dr. Robin Marushia, Parent, Scarborough

Dr. Kenneth Welch Jr.

Isabel Giurdanella, Mother

François Larocque, Parent

Jan Demaray RECE, BA Psych

Kathy Way, concerned parent

Kathleen Henderson, RECE, Parent

Jennifer Engels, Concerned Parent, Kitchener, Ontario

Marilyn McNickle, RECE C

Cheryl Gallant, RECE

Eric Wilson

Joanne Boyd, RECE

Jody Button, Owen Sound, Ontario

Nuti Crainic, RECE

Cathy Kaitting, RECE

Chantal Lebel, RECE, Director/Supervisor, Waterloo

Patti Wolfe, Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, Toronto

Cordell Grant, Parent

Lisa McShea RECE ECE. C

Maria Petrou, parent of 2

Daniel Avramov, parent of 2

Ann Chitan, RECE

Tabatha Rhodes, Student, Lindsay, Ontario

Danielle Vander Kolk, RECE

Paola Casciaro, Parent                

Robert Harris, parent of a toddler in care, Milton, Ontario

Giselle White, Parent, Waterloo

Mike Arrigo, Parent, Richmond Hill

Paula Hastings

Mary Lakatos, RECE, Eden Daycare, Mississauga

Caitlyn Delaney, Early Childhood Education Student

Ashley Pereira, Concerned parent

Gabriel Logan-Wright, Parent

Ashley Cockle, Former RECE, Expecting Mother

Paul Williams, Parent, Ottawa

Meredith Brown BSc, RYT, CCH, CSP Registered Yoga Teacher, Parent

Bonnie Aultman RECE 

Jessica Forler, RECE, Parent

Heather Kerr-Gauthier R.ECE, BA.H

Tiana Martin, RECE

Nicole Farris-Manning, RECE, Ottawa, ON

Lisa LoBianco, Parent & Educator, Caledon, Ontario

Nathalie St-Onge,RECE,, assistant director/supervisor, Waterloo

Denise Squizzato, B.A., R.E.C.E

Connie and Rickman Mason

Kathryn Hyndman

Melissa Elliott BA,Child Development Practitioner, Parent

Haley Sinclair, RECE, Petrolia, Ontario

Rose Bozza, Supervisor of West Prep Children's Centre

Danuta Bondos, Eden Daycare, Mississauga On

Ashley Higgins, RECE, Assistant Supervisor/Infant Educator

Julie Linnerth, Parent

Carla Tomlinson, Wellington Childcare, Ottawa

Jennifer Silva-RECE and parent Kitchener

Kathleen Verbeke-RECE Kitchener

Jacquie Babineau-RECE Kitchener

George Silva-Parent Kitchener

Keiko Watanabe- RECE Kitchener

Cassandra Plezer- RECE and Conestoga degree student

Meghan Love-parent

Judy Hackbart-RECE

Tami Sutton-RECE

Connie Dowdall-RECE

Lisa Erb-RECE

Lesley Highmore-RECE

Donnia Burton-Cartwright RECE, London

Derrick Cartwright, Parent

Jinghua Hu, Parent

Carla Mundwiler

Vanessa Farrell, Parent

Sarah Usher, RECE and Parent, Waterloo, Ontario

Alayne Tebbs, Parent

Tara Lauze, Parent

Kristin Fischer, RECE

Genievive Joaquin, ECE student

Sharon Ho

Courtney Parker, RECE

Alana Jamieson, Parent

Rafael Lotufo

Erika Lotufo

AnnMarie Bettles, parent, Kitchener ON

Jenny Strokan, RECE, Director

Kayla Klemme, RECE

Julie King, Parent                        

Jody Renaud, RECE, Licensed Child Care Supervisor

Charlyn Monahan

Nikki St.John RECE

Helen Saplis RECE

Cindy Summerfield RECE

Dimitra Giatanis RECE

Beigh Phakham

Natalie Poissant, Parent

Geoff Church, Par3ent

Stephanie Landy, Concerned Parent

Claudine Whiteley, Parent

Genevieve Lanoix-Verreault, supervisor of a Licensed Child Care

Wil Turrin

Kerry Stryker, Parent

Isabella Milito, Nepean, Ontario

Tricia Shaw, Parent

Bonnie Aultman, RECE

Michelle Stasiuk, Burlington Ontario

Janice Bartlett, Eden Daycare, Mississauga

Christopher Landon, Parent

Brandy Mergaert, RECE, Sudbury

Victoria Sauve BEd, OCT, Kanata

Lacey Ward, RECE

April Oliphant, RECE, Parent, Toronto

Bonnie Frederick, Mother of a childcare worker

Claudia Kovalev, Parent

Olivia Chan, RECE, Toronto

Colleen Butler, Toronto

Susie Munro, RECE, Ottawa, Ontario

Edward Brown

Wilma MacLean, RECE, Orillia 

Gwen Pitteway, RECE, Toronto

Rose Trachsel, RECE

Janice Rieger, Parent, Toronto

Tara Karlsson, Montessori Toddler Teacher

Miriam Zemell-Bloom, Parent

Paulina Fernandez, RECE

Zainab Abayomi, Parent, Toronto

Michael Sefcik, President of the Board

Anie Miner, Ottawa 

Barbara Brown, Teacher, Burlington

Allison O'Neill, R.E.C.E., R.T.

Beverly Scanlan, Parent

Yang Wu, Mother of three

Becky Cheveldeyoff, RECE, Parent

Aditi Pandit, ECA

Sarah Lowy, Parent, Board Member

Melanie Smith

Karen Roorda, RECE

Julia Thompson, Parent, Kitchener-Waterloo

Natalia Michalczuk, RECE, Mississauga

Vanessa MacDonnell, Parent

Stacey Kline, Parent, Toronto

Tracy Yin, Ottawa

Tracey Stark, RECE

Jennifer Valente, Parent and Social Worker, Hamilton

Maureen Ward

Chantelle Batte, Sarnia, Ontario

Albert James Sly, RECE, Educator in FDK program TDSB

Laura Cuddie

Courtney Purdy, Apprentice of Ontario (to become an ECE)

Andrea Miller, RECE, Essex

Janine Kimber, RECE, Scarborough

Jessika Mears- Mason, Parent

Mosunmola Oludemi, RECE

Caron Beardall RECE

Sheida Soltanpanah, Early Childhood Educator

Maryan Aden Early, Early Childhood Educator

Mariella Antivero-Milloy, Early Childhood Educator

Susan Hafizi, Early Childhood Educator

Erica Carroll, Toronto

Victoria Milligan, BaSc, RECE, Infant Program Supervisor, Toronto

Breanne Pyc

Betty Smith, Nutrion Specialist, Lindsay

Victoria Keay, AEMCA

Lea Philpott

Julie Crego, RECE 

Jackie Lute, RECE

Melissa Cardoni, RECE 

Alice Lee, Student

Noah Molot, RECE

Hayley Simmons, RECE

Jennifer Trenbeth, RECE

Debbie McAlister, ECE Assistant

Marie-Grace Uwase, Parent

Shelley Robinson, Parent, Toronto

Violeta Looker, BA, B. Ed

Amy Bigras, RECE

Marjorie Goodwin

Victoria Lupo, RECE, Eden Daycare, Mississauga, Ontario

Alisa Smith, ECE Student, Humber College

Sylvie Bennett, Teachers Aide, Waterloo

Jasmine Gure, Student at Humber College

Nasmat Noorani, Student at Humber College

Farwa Ahmadi, Student at Humber College

Abir Khreis, Student at Humber College

Angie Ferrier, BHS Toddler/Preschool teacher

Kelly Frensch, P.Eng Project Manager, Engineer, Mother of two

Cathi McLean, RECE, AECEO.C

Kari McLean, RECE, Fort Frances, ON

Stephanie Hill, Parent, Toronto, ON

Oana Nandrea, RECE, Newmarket, Ontario

Lorraine Keay, Toronto, Ontario

Antonio Portaro, Parent

Lucie Gagnon

Nadia Singh, Thornhill 

Litsa Tsouluhas, Parent

Andrei Atapin, Parent

Lisa Cole Mailloux, RECE, Executive Director

Audrey Lailvaux, RECE, Waterloo

Carey Cox, Parent

Jessica Azzopardi, Kleinburg, ON

Frankie Azzopardi, Kleinburg, ON

Maria Sammut, Maple ON

Anthony Sammut, Maple ON

Kayla Cotnam, RECE, Ottawa, ON

Chloe Hudson, RECE , Waterloo,

Natasha Lemoire, RECE, Ottawa

Glenn Miller, Parent

Erin Wong, Parent

Shawn Hughes, Parent

Susie Beghin, RECE

Deborah Smith, RECE
Jessica Smith, RECE
Samantha Seccareccia, RECE

Sabina Filipescu

Kirsten Fraser

Linda Hickerson

Michael Boland

Toni Tolomeo-Locantore, RECE, Executive Director

Ellen Crane, ECE Student

Mainna Rizzo, Childcare Provider, Ottawa, Ontario 

Jennifer Patterson, RECE

Annik Aubry, Parent, Ottawa

Dianne M Adams, RECE

Krista Blakely, Parent

Maria Macedo, R.E.C.E.

Madeleine Broderick - Waterloo (Teacher`s Aid)

Sherri Sammons, RECE

Alison Stiles, OCT, Waterloo

Michelle Franks, Supervisor at St James Cooperative Preschool

Tracey Farrell, Mother, Registrar and Incoming President of a Co-operative Nursery School

Jennifer A, Parent

Sylvie Mayer-Hones (teacher's aide), Waterloo Ontario                       

Heather Vezina, RECE

Kristin Tobin, RECE

Karen Martin, Owner

Nicole T. Hapapci, Teacher`s Aid, Waterloo ON

Michelle VanderGugten, RECE, Smithville

Chris Cosby, Community Legal Worker, Sudbury, Ontario

Bonnie Zehr – RECE

Nazar Altai, Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Director, Brantford

Nahida Hamam, M.A. Child Psychology, Principal, Brantford

Dave Altai, Ph.D., Administrator

Jennifer Tervo, RECE

Antje Bruck, RECE, Burlington

Desiree Godfrey, RECE, Hamilton, Ontario

Natalia Mazuruc, RECE

Anna Maria

Loreney Araya

LingLi Li

Fang Liu

Maria Molina

Mei Fang Li

Michelle Yan

Claudia Velez

Afsaneh Isfahani

Susana Condori

Diane Policicchio

Mery Cash

Alicia Williams

Justyna Jablonska, Parent

Kelsey Uden, RECE

Lilian Ngang, Teacher's Aid, Waterloo

Michelle and Nitin Soni

Leah J. Thornburg, ECE student, Peterborough

Carole Brunet, RECE, Greater Sudbury

Margot Broden, RECE

Melissa Marques RECE, 

Shannon Golbeck, parent, Stratford

Elizabeth Opferkuch, parent of two, Omemee 

Nadine Amyotte RECE

Liz Soyka RECE, Hamilton

Amanda Rossini, RECE

Catherine Welder RECE                                                                 

Linda Hart RECE, Toronto

Lisa Quinn, RECE

Anne-Marie Grondin, Parent of 1 year-old infant in child care

Sheri-Lynn Devoe, RECE, Sault Ste. Marie

Tonya Laskey

Sharon - Lee Butt, RECE Supervisor

Karli Imhoff, Parent

Sandra Anderson, RECE Simcoe Count

Mark Bray, Whitby, ON

Camille Kaniuk, Student, Mississauga

Karen Carmichael, RECE

Kristina Hotton, Cook at Kidsdome Preschool

Kate Viner, parent, Whitney Child Centre, Toronto

Katrina Slingerland , RECE

Melissa Rollins, RECE

Marie-Lise Campeau, mother, Toronto

Tim Bowen, father, Toronto

Jaime Minten , Childcare Provider, Petrolia 

Amy Adams, RECE, Preschool Teacher, North York                 

Pam LaBelle, RECE, Ottawa

Kate Fennell

Michael Devlin, Parent

Lucy Shin

Alyssa Dawson, Parent and RECE Kingston, ON

Irene Bergman, Grandparent

Sarvath Fatima, Educator

Alvin Thompson

Denisa Argyo, ECE Student

Samantha Warner, RECE

Hannah Bailey, Early Childhood Educator

Kara Harris, RECE

Virgina Boulay, RECE

Olia Ciurpita, RECE, Executive Director

Colleen Heffernan-Coxhead, Assistant Director

Sandra Bee, Cook

Sonia Orfia, RECE

Colleen Klein, RECE

Nancy Heffernan, RECE

Emilsa Sealy, RECE

Sean Stanley, RECE, Brampton, Ontario

Stephen Corbett, Parent, Toronto, Ontario

Rossana Bisceglia

Diana Pace- Asciak, RECE

Susan Lorenz, RECE 

Daisy Simmons, RECE

Amber Bailey, RECE

Laura Tremblay, RECE

Nicole Dalgeish, Student

Jennifer So, Mother, Toronto

Sandra Chate, RECE

Sandra Barnes, BA, Retired Teacher

Michelle Karmiol, RECE

Krystal Rice, RECE

Alycia Getsingerl, RECE

Toni Pellicano, RECE,

Jessica Munro-Smith, RECE

Lynne Onions RECE, ECE.C., R.T., Resource Consultant

Shannon Jervis, RECE, Orillia

Tammy Kieswetter RECE Mildmay ON

Ilona Hrubant, Toronto, Parent

Ellen Livingstone, RECE

Stacy Markham, Student (R.E.C.E. program), Montessori Teacher.

Erica Shatraw, RECE infant room educator

Gary Fredrick, Ottawa, Ontario

Heidi Heppler, RECE, Petrolia

Florida Desormeaux, RECE

Amanda McCormick, RECE

Diana Stansell, RECE and Supervisor Designate

Jaana Kitchen, R.E.C.E., Executive Director

Lisa Johnston, RECE

Jayeeta Sharma, Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Parent

Daniel Bender, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Tier 1, University of Toronto, Parent

Dr. Meghan Verschoor, PhD

Eric Fung, Parent

Miriam Zemell-Bloom, Parent

Sarah Steele, parent

Jennifer Watson, parent

Chris Mason, Parent

Stacey Reid, RECE, parent

Annahid Dashtgard, parent

Shakil Choudhury, parent

Janet Dashtgard, grandparent

Jamshid Dashtgard, grandparent

Saeeda Choudhury, grandparent

Anil Choudhury, grandparent

Indy Batth, aunt

Sree Nallamothu, parent

Patrick Lohier, parent

Tamara Romain, mother

Patricia Callus, grandmother

Edward grace, grandfather

Dale Leib, uncle

Kenneth McCarthy, godfather

Chrissy Kerr, godmother

Tara Brown, Aunt

Charlene Howe, Aunt

Gabriel Callus, great grandfather

Terry Romain, uncle

Michelle Maltais, aunt 

Amanda Grace, aunt 

Ashley Stvenson, family friend, caregiver

Lorraine Colterman, family friend, caregiver

Mark Shim, Ontario Certified Teacher, parent

Gillian Shim, Ontario Certified Teacher, parent

Natelle Appleford, RECE, parent

Peter Healey, parent

Conroy Stubbs, parent

Nick Radia, Ontario Certified Teacher, parent

Frances Lazzorino, parent

Lisa Munro, parent

Robin Vaughan, parent

Kristen Roderick, Parent

Winston Lau, Parent

Judy Rebick, Aunt

Deanna Rosolen, Journalist/editor, parent

Sherman Lam, parent

Cindy Lum, parent

Britta Patkowski, parent

Geoff Coy, P.Eng., Project Manager, parent

Joanna Sadoff, parent

Jeff Weingarten, parent

Alisha Stubbs, parent

Patrina Stathopoulos, RECE, Supervisor

Manpreet Chana, BA, RECE, Assistant Supervisor

Karrie LeBlanc, RECE

Sandra Dawson, ECA

Melissa Doomernik, RECE

Judy Jung, RECE

Marlene McLellan, RECE

Maya Masroor, RECE

Sophia Tascioglu, ECA

Jenny Kim, RECE

Tara Meszaros, BA, RECE, Ontario Certified Teacher

Denise Loregnard-Clinton, RECE

Mayann Ombao, RECE, Cook

Maria Zigomanis, ECA, Cook’s Assistant

Sabiha Chhiboo, ECA

Shushoman Sultana, RECE

Elijah Andrews, ECA

Millon Nahar, RECE

Manpreet Chana, BA, RECE, Assistant Supervisor


Damien and Tricia Mitchell

Lucy Isabella, RECE

Irene Radovanovic

Michelle Henriques, RECE

Julie Vachon, RECE, Ottawa

Helga Mays, RECE, Newmarket, Ontario

Janet Townes, Assisstant, Newmarket, Ontario

Gail Hutchins-Wright, Assistant, Newmarket, Ontario

Alicia Houston, Mother

Melissa Morrell, Graduating Concurrent ECE Student, Windsor, Ontario

Nicole Brown, Parent, Toronto, ON

Thierry Koupaki, Parent, Toronto, ON

Victor White, Parent, Toronto, ON

Jeannie Chan, Parent, Toronto, ON

Mark Vaderschot, Parent, Toronto, ON

Jade DeDominicis, Parent, Toronto, ON

Rosemary Webster, Parent, Toronto, ON

Lindsey Colangelo, Parent, Toronto, ON

Michael Cheung, Parent, Toronto, ON

Joanne Cheung, Parent, Toronto, ON

Wei Chen, Parent, Toronto, ON

Laura Jardine, Parent, Toronto, ON

Louise Plunkett, Parent, Toronto, ON

Michelle Lopez, Parent, Toronto, ON

Ryan Naidoo, Parent, Toronto, ON

Lindsey Lunau, Parent, Toronto, ON

Travis Lunau, Parent, Toronto, ON

Cameron Skilling, Parent, Toronto, ON

Michael Lopez, Parent, Toronto, ON

Paulette Minard, Parent, Toronto, ON

Kate Francis, Parent, Toronto, ON

Laura Francis, Parent, Toronto, ON

Michael Francis, Parent, Toronto, ON

Allan Gillespie, Parent, Toronto, ON

Caitrione Robinson, Parent, Toronto, ON

John Robinson, Parent, Toronto, ON

Karagh Markovski, Parent, Toronto, ON

Andrea San Juan, Parent, Toronto, ON

Elaine Brown, Parent, Toronto, ON

Shannon Bernard, Parent, Toronto, ON

Jonathan Graham, Parent, Toronto, ON

Barrington Bignall, Parent, Toronto, ON

Christine McGill, Grandparent, Whitby, ON

Nancy Lau, RECE

Wendy Madhlom, RECE

Terez Matyasi, RECE

Lois Blandford, RECE, Toronto, Ontario

Yayoi Takemoto, Toronto, Ontario

Merna Atlan, Toronto, Ontario

Allison McMillan-Radomski, Oakville, Ontario

Effie Nikitras

Monica Yearwood, Whitby, Ontario

Jacqui Lashley, Toronto, Ontario

Elizabeth Dias, Toronto, Ontario

Agatha George, Ajax, Ontario

Sonya Zammit, Mississauga, Ontario

Lucia Racco, Toronto, Ontario

Diego Kettle, Toronto, Ontario

Sandra Hejmo, Etobicoke, Ontario

L. Bell, Scarborough, Ontario

Brittney Marshall, Brampton, Ontario

Meghan Somerville, Sutton, Ontario

Ramana Sharma, Markham, Ontario

Mary Casanova, Toronto, Ontario

Mélanie Ford, centre President, Waterloo

Jessica West, centre Vice-President, Waterloo

Terry Lanis, centre Treasurer, Waterloo

Marie-Josée Roy, centre Secretary, Waterloo

Suzanne Dietrich, Parent, board member, Waterloo

Lise Fortin, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Marc Meunier, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Sylvia Primeaux, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Renée-Claude Roseneck, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Steven Smukavich, Parent, Board member , Waterloo

Andrew Thompson, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Nathalie Guérin, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Nancy Brown, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Jared Dreiling, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Michael Grondin, Parent, Board member, Waterloo

Erin Latour, RECE

Sarah Demerling, Wellesley, Ontario

Sinéad Rafferty, RECE, MES, Early Childhood and Environmental Educator

Jackie Ruano de la Haza, RECE, B.A., Ottawa

Laura Ingram, Concerned Parent, Member of Board of Directors of a child care centre, Wellesley

Dianne Roberti, BA, MEd, RECE, Toronto

Danielle & Shawn Bissonnette, Parents

Amanda Brighten, Preschool teacher, Ottawa

Patricia Teibo

Caitlin Caldwell, Parent, London, Ontario

Jacqueline Lucas, Mohawk College ECE Student, Hamilton, Ontario

Grace and Graham Warren, Parents, Toronto, Ontario

Adrienne Loncke, President, Teacher, Parent, Toronto

Whitney Klotz, Woodstock, Ontario

Arona Persaud, RECE, Parent

Alisen and David Richmond-Peck

Valentina Lobankova, Licensed Paralegal, Mother, Toronto, Ontario

Naomi Duncan, Vice President of a co-operative Nursery School, Stratford

Susie Simmons, Preschool Music Specialist, Toronto, Ontario

Keleah Cogdell

Merlita Danga, RECE, Supervisor, Etobicoke 

Jessica Baginski, Parent, Toronto

Shannon Henshall, RECE, Director, Ajax

Carolyn Johannes, parent
Chad Johannes, parent

Ivett Orellana RECE

Tina Hannah - parent of child age 6

Sueann Green, RECE

Kelsey Koudys - ECE student and parent

Crystal Mcintyre ,RECE

Shandye Radway, ECE Student 

Julie MacDonald, Student ECE, Cornwall

Didarul Alam, Father

Roody Cival, Father

Vernelle Brizan, Mom

Phuong Hoang
Raymond lee

Laura Kuczynski

Janet Teibo, CUPE 2484, Toronto

Heather Gardiner
Bibi Rafeek
Nelcia Nanton

Brandy Severn, Mother

Barbara Chang, RECE

Michael Tenuta, Father

Norman Looker

Elizabeth Horbatuk RECE,OCT

Julia Felizola, Mom

Julianne Bastien, RECE

Jackie Harrison, Mother & Elementary School Teacher, Stratford

Zilin Wang, Parent, Toronto 

Adeline Florea, parent

Saraya Jacques

Genevieve Bonenfant, parent of toddler
Jean-Francois Lozier, parent of toddler

Joanne Cooper

Alexandra Robinson, Toddler teacher, Ottawa

Natalie Garraway -Bhulatan RECE Parent

Karen Evoy, Toronto parent

Coleen Robinson

Adrian and Sarah Dougdeen

Krystal Cull - Ajax Ont

Sarah & Ryan Clews

Angela-Marie Massel, RECE

Mélanie Briand

Mary Lyons

Heather Massel

Mary Santoli RECE Toronto
Rosetta DI Filippo

Jessica Wainberg, Parent

Sarah Lowy

Chantalle Parthenais RECE

Tobi Seymour-Howell, RECE

Nadine Doumit, Parent

Arcin Bozkurt, Ottawa

Shannon Martin, Parent

Magdalena Sliwa, B. ed, RECE, Parent, Mississauga

Rebecca Bowes, RECE, Ottawa, ON

Tracey Ruppenthal RECE

Tabitha Barnes, Support Hygiene Aid

Anna Ruda-Dudek ECE

Magdalena Sliwa, RECE, Parent, Mississauga

Evthoxia Roussakis

Mary Prymych, Home Child Care Provider

Christine Simbulan, Educational Assistant, Toronto

Ilse Black

Charlene Francisco, parent

Evan krofchick

John Crowe

Caroline Salvi, ECE student

Iqra Manzoor, RECE

Jacquie Rovers & Gerrit VanWoerkom, concerned parents

Anna Gatova

Tracy Gloor

Laura Elliott and Steve Elliott, parents

Dana Bernhardt,RECE, Waterloo

Ralitsa Dimitrova

Olivia Dell'Anno, ECE student

Adeline Duncan, Parent Ontario

Olga Dvores RECE

Angela Hoar, RECE

Linda Ouimet -Junior Preschool Educator

Ellie Murphy, RECE, Toronto

Sergei Podkletnov, Parent

Olga Startseva, Parent

Allan Chamney, grandparent

Amy Sandy, Parent

Corinton Sandy, father

Joanne Zilli  RECE

Verine Thompson RECE

Sue Masi RECE

Sophie Abshez RECE

Yolanda Simbulan RECE

Carol Smith Brown RECE

Larissa Stefanowski RECE

Yen Le    ECA

Rosie Gulli, ECA

Tessra Sandy, RECE

Toula Giankas, Scarborough

Natalie Avery

Cathy Chalklin, ECE, Toronto

Alyson Chapman, RECE, Toronto

Katie Krutzelmann, RECE, Waterloo

Paula Pereira – Grandmother & Child Care Centre Board of Director

Steve Mallet, M.A, ECE student

Jen and Matt Wallace, Parents – Kitchener

Erica & Peter Bodi, Parents, Toronto

Nathalie Zaher, ELA and parent, Ottawa

Gillian Murphy

Ann Murphy, retired educator, Newmarket

Terence Anthony Murphy, grandparent, Newmarket

Leanne Joyce RECE, Burlington

Dominic Murphy

Davina DeLellis, Parent

Rose Anne Socha-Crispel

Harjinder Singh, ‎RT, RECE

James Hogan

Alexander Duval

Pat Duval

Patrick Duval

Stephanie Duval

Ashely Kirkwood

Diane Dionello

Franco Dionello

Kirsten Allen

Matt Jo

Cecilia Hogan

Jean Fardet

Chima Mbagan

Todd Marcel

Ian Bale

Dillan Billings

Kim Hebert

Jacob Saibil

Brian Millar

Angie Webb

Victoria Byvelds

Jessica Hogan

Kayla Gunn

Candace Purcell

Crystal Bedard

Diane Billings

Sarah Timchuk

Christina Czomy, parent

Cathy Miedema, parent

Julie Brooks, parent

JoAnn McDonald

Burcke McDonald

Simone Hamilton

Lori Colangelo

Anna Taylor

Siya Sun

Mike Mohr

Luai Ghawi

Stacha Sauk

George Gies

Scott Roeske

Renee Bolan

Kim Irwin

Melanie Brennan

Vanh Phantharangsy

Austin Snow

Jing Yang

Pamela Wilson

Davina Mullaley

Arwa Nahhns

Emma Thom

Paula Resendes

Ayesha Freeman

Samira Abdul

Luai Ghawi

Katy Dionello

Nabil Eitahan

John Coyle 

Tina Giranrdin

Michelle Rettit

Scott Laverge

Kirk Laverge

Pam Thompson

Lise Frotier




  • Amy DiDomenico-Ferreira
    commented 2016-03-17 10:54:19 -0400
    Amy Ferreira, parent
  • Kira Snyder
    commented 2016-03-17 08:33:55 -0400
    Kira Snyder, BA RECE
  • Kira Snyder
    commented 2016-03-17 08:32:15 -0400
    Kira Snyder, RECE
  • Jessica Malik
    commented 2016-03-17 07:49:05 -0400
    Jessica Howard, parent
  • Ashley Foreman
    commented 2016-03-17 04:58:45 -0400
    Ashley Foreman, Parent, RECE, Hiawatha First Nation
  • Kat Barrett
    commented 2016-03-17 00:47:25 -0400
    Kat Bonnell, CYW
  • Stella Dugas
    commented 2016-03-17 00:30:59 -0400
    Stella Dugas, RECE
  • Amanda Donald
    commented 2016-03-16 23:51:45 -0400
    Amanda Donald, RECE
  • Ashley Mund
    commented 2016-03-16 21:55:03 -0400
    Ashley Mund, parent
  • Shailja Jain
    commented 2016-03-16 21:34:45 -0400
    Shailja Jain, Early Childhood Leadership BA Student, George Brown College
  • Caroline Hosch
    commented 2016-03-16 21:15:26 -0400
    Caroline Hosch RECE , Toronto
  • Bibi Ali
    commented 2016-03-16 21:07:05 -0400
    Bibi farzeena ali..RECE
  • Susan Churchill
    commented 2016-03-16 20:58:38 -0400
    Susan Churchill RECE
  • Teresa Moulton
    commented 2016-03-16 20:47:44 -0400
    Teresa Moulton RECE
  • Rebecca Simkins
    commented 2016-03-16 20:44:04 -0400
    Rebecca Simkins RECE
  • Katherine Wilcock
    commented 2016-03-16 20:28:33 -0400
    Katherine Wilcock RECE
  • Catherine Wight
    commented 2016-03-16 19:57:10 -0400
    As a grandparent parenting again in Ontario cannot believe that we are still struggling with daycare issues as we were in the early 70s. It’s 2016 and no governing body gets this yet? For crying out loud, do the math, listen to the front line experts, find a viable compromise and get on with it!
  • Abigail Doris
    commented 2016-03-16 19:33:12 -0400
    Abigail Doris, student
  • Carla Wallbridge
    commented 2016-03-16 19:32:29 -0400
    Very unsafe and unreasonable!!!
  • Tamara Foster
    commented 2016-03-16 19:27:23 -0400
    Tamara Muir, RECE
  • Pam Driscoll
    commented 2016-03-16 19:20:55 -0400
    Pam driscoll rece brantford
  • Michelle Yanchus
    commented 2016-03-16 19:19:56 -0400
    Michelle Yanchus RECE and parent
  • Michelle Yanchus
    commented 2016-03-16 19:18:21 -0400
    Michelle Yanchus RECE and parent
  • Lindsay Quesnelle
    commented 2016-03-16 19:10:02 -0400
    The proposed changes are ludicious if we want to maintain the proper safety and well being of our children in our care. The learning curves and amount of care for children differ immensely from the age 1-6. These children are our future – their ability to hit developmental milestones relies on receiving quality care. Please think twice. Lindsay Quesnelle – RECE and a mother of 2.
  • Nicole Scammell
    commented 2016-03-16 19:02:10 -0400
    Nicole Scammell, RECE
  • Kate Llennef
    commented 2016-03-16 18:58:27 -0400
    Katherine Fennell parent, EA
  • Sylvia Ferreira
    commented 2016-03-16 18:51:58 -0400
    Sylvia Ferreira RECE
  • Angela Witter
    commented 2016-03-16 18:45:31 -0400
    Angela Witter, RECE and Parent
  • Marg Shugg
    commented 2016-03-16 18:44:46 -0400
    Ratios should not be changed, as quality care and education of the very young is greatly connected to continuity of relationship and responsive care. Over-stressing relationships between children and caregivers in crowded settings will not lead to the highly desired positive mental health and social development outcomes that both parents and caregivers want for children!.
  • Sam Warner
    commented 2016-03-16 18:37:44 -0400
    Samantha Warner,RECE