Operating Funding Benchmarks set sub-standard wage for Registered ECE's


In a series of memos (called B Memos), the Ministry of Education has provided local school boards with information implementing the full-day learning program for 4 and 5 year olds in schools.

"Appendix 3: ELP Operating Funding for 2010-11 - Per-Pupil Funding Benchmarks" provides information on funding.

The “ELP Operating Funding for 2010-2011” includes funding for two ECE’s at a rate of $19.48 hour with 24.32% benefits.

This is far below the goal of $26.85 / hour proposed in Dr. Pascal’s report.

In addition, Registered ECE’s would likely be on a 10 month contract meaning (44 weeks a year) with an annual salary of approximately $30,000 instead of the $47,000 recommended by Dr. Pascal in his report.

For more information on Pay Equity considerations, please see "Implementing Early Learning, Bulletin #2"